Dear Judy,

Thanks, I liked the adventure more than anything else. Second was the opportunity to increase digital art awareness in India. Also helped "create" a baby - now at Calcutta's server, there's "Calcutta Cyberart Webmuseum" to carry on!

Your interest and common energies spark this idea at the turn of the millennium-

How about VAL sponsoring and bringing this India international digital show to NY at Lincoln Center?

I would help cosponsor it, as a dentist.

The show looks to be booked for 3 more Indian cities (received national media attention), then possibly Bangkok and hopefully Milan, Italy by late summer. Trying to take it around the world in a suitcase. You can see the works are small but hung well.

If interested, surprise my super volunteer in India, Shuhbojoy Mitra. I would support such a scheduling and this would get VAL into some world limelight around the world as each destination will be highlighted at the next site and online.

I did tell him when I was there that I would try to "get" NY. His Indian eyes lit up as young aspiring artist. Didn't realize this HOPE would come in the shape and form of VAL and Judith Wray!

I would want to invite at least 10 more artists into the show by the time it hits NYC.
All new countries as I want this to be a symbol of world peace besides displaying the New art from the Web. The dentist is also publishing "Cyberart - Emerging Art From the Internet" due out in 2000 and I would love to come and do autographs and donate proceeds to VAL of books sold at your opening.

If possible we may link up earlier in the year as my work is due to be used for a new restaurant in Manhatten in the spring. Need to update exact dates by source.

I think I'm ready to visit NYC again. Might have to go back to India to support the Bombay show and I think I'll be invited for a solo in Thailand in 2000. But don't look forward to going back thata way.... talk about retro.

Make your decision and I'll get the let's go for it or rejection from shubho.

How exciting.

Hey, almost 2000 here too and so,

without any further adue,



Pygoya (aka Dr. Rodney Chang da dentist)

At 07:41 PM 12/29/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Super congratualations!! I thought you were a did you/do
>you juggle it all? Loved your photos of India and the bookstore
>connection. What happens with you and r2001?
>if it is of any use..we are welcome to stage 3 0r more shows each year
>at Lincoln center, N.Y. VAL is a non-profit, tax exempt charitable arts
>organization bent on brining people together in innovative ways..we back
>projects to some degree. We seem to be growing in that way and others.
>It mystifies me how these things develope from an idea and then all of a
>sudden your doing it.
>We just backed a MailART project which had 100 pieces in it from all
>over the can see it if you click "collaborative" on our
>homepage..the red invitation near the top..
>so how did this work..she came to us with the idea and a rough design of
>one of the first pieces underway and we decided to go with her idea.
>She came up with 100 pieces passed around thru the mail 4 or 5 times and
>now it has been one month at the University of Medicine and Dentistry
>and now goes up at Lincoln Center Jan 4 to the 18th.
>We funded, orchestrated, and ran back up for the invitations, posters,
>web design, reception. We nurture and nudge and facilitate..and welcome
>to the extent that we can..did you know that?
>You knew we welcomed the doctors show..but that show was somewhat
> we were enlisting their help.
>Congratulations again
> wrote:
>> Hi Judy,
>> Sorry about your son's tragic ski jump. Hope he recovers 100 percent.
>> Just back from India to participate in its lst digital art show. For
>> details, see
>> Winding down from such a project taking me to the other side of the planet.
>> Just calming down now, getting over jet lag and all that polluted air. Now
>> watching Indian Air hostpage crisis after having taken that airlines days
>> prior.
>> Liked your grafitti wall project and floating art - very creative.
>> Happy Millenium 2000, fellow artist on the Web!
>> Love and Peace,
>> Pygoya
>> At 09:35 PM 12/27/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> >Hi Pygoya, long, long time! I lost your e mail address when we had
>> >computer problems and switched computers! I have your web site linked in
>> >two spots on our web site..that hasn't changed..I just lost all my e
>> >mail addresses from back when we were talking. I visited you tonight and
>> >saw Ansgaard's name and I mean to come back and visit some more..I have
>> >been swamped with shows and in fact I am doing an installation at a
>> >museum..but it is pretty low pressure as they are closed for the winter
>> >till March, so I can relax and enjoy it!!! so that is why I have time to
>> >come back.
>> >
>> >Come and see what we just did. My son just took a ski jump and lost his
>> >spleen, but we were moving pretty fast till then..I have a partner web
>> >designer, and her Dad just took a plunge for the worse too!! so we are
>> >in a small remission..few days..but the project I would like to show you
>> >is up and running..the floating art page..right on our home's
>> >fun..send us something!! I have a number of things I want to add and
>> >refine in the coming days. I like to experiment in this way. It also has
>> >a way of getting my attention focused on others, as a matter of
>> >nessessity..and that is a good thing. so hello again, hope you get this.
>> >
>> >Judy
>> >--
>> >


OH My!

The lst good news for the Millennium from Judy of NY!
Actually the last of the 20th, still the 31st here, close to noon.
Will plan on it. Please give a lovely Happy New Year with your decision to Shubhojoy Mitra in Calcutta, You will find him a wonderful young man to work with on a project. My vote of confidence for following through on details in timely manner.

Let's do it!!!! See you in person in 2000.
Got wonderful neice who just moved to Manhattan as hairstylist. Home for the holidays, was blond now red-red metallic. Cool for her young Asian face. She can be our helper for the show on your end.

Will tell her the good news at tonights NY Eve party!

Thanks, sweetie;)

Had my cupS of coffee.

A L O H A,
Rodney the Pygoyan

At 08:16 AM 12/31/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Yes, let's do it! and good morning!
>making coffee
> wrote:

Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 11:56:36 -0500
Organization: @Home Network Member
Subject: Visual Arts League(VAL)

I e mailed your connection in India last night, copying excerpts from
your letter to try and introduce myself....we are on our
way..question..are India and Indonesia on freindly terms?

comment.. the Lincoln center space is 80 ft long with 65 ft of useable
wall space on one side. Another 20 ft wide wall space wide, then the
long side has three usable white pillars, 4 ft beteen is glass
which actually has a parking lot on the other side..on the bright side
this is where all the VIPs park, such as presidents when they come to
Lincoln Center!! so it isn't really so bad!!

if you bring up the URL below and scroll down you can see the space
pretty's a good size..the ceiling is 10ft high..there are plugging anything in!! no sticking anything to the
walls, or nailing anything..we hang with fishing line or wire from s
hooks down from a slender, un noticable rod along the top of the wall.
that's it for now.



full2.gif (117000 bytes)

and the site of r2001 at:

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 15:23:34 -1000
>Subject: Re: Floating art up!
>Appreciate a link from my floating art to
>Would love to email with NYorker Indian artist and also check out his work. Would be good idea if his work included in Lincoln show and thereby have a bridge between Indians there and in Calcutta. Would forward his email to Calcutta boss.
>Sure thing, after Lincoln show I'd appreciate the show moving on the U. of Med and Dent in Sept. Forward dates when cleared. Vernelle can help with the moving of shows too. She said she live not too far from Lincoln!
>At 05:46 PM 1/25/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>--Hi Pygoya, finally I got your pieces up and floating around..I would
>>like to fill in a box on the graffitti page to the right of the elephant
>>project..(I don't know why we cal it graffitti) any how, will you take a
>>look at that area and we will give you a link from the image that you
>> could be from the India show..that would be a good idea..I had
>>a call from an Indian artist who lives in new York today. I passed on
>>your web site and e mail address to him. Very well spoken man..I enjoyed
>>talking with him, got a feeling his work is good..I'd like to see what
>>he has and if there is room..assimilate him..also, would you like the
>>show to go up at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in September,
>>I can do that..that is the place that pays for invitations, posters and
>>a reception, they will cover some other expenses too, i think, if we can
>>swing it..we have in the past..I still have to clear the date with them
>>to see if their budget is up to it.