NY Times Article re Digital Art
Wed, 7 May 2003 10:27:15 -1000
"Robert Carson Godbey" <>

Rodney: An interesting article in the NY Times on digital art:

This was cited in Michael Rogers' article:


Here's a thoughtful piece in the New York Times about a downtown
Manhattan digital art gallery that's been around for a decade, but still
has difficulty defining itself. Somehow I'm not surprised: one thing
that's always struck me about Internet-based artworks is that they
generally don't work well in galleries at all. 

To really take advantage of the medium, you need some element of
interactivity - implying a hands-on relationship with the art - and in a
crowded gallery, standing up at a keyboard, that's hard to manage. All
too often at Internet art shows I've seen a small group cluster around a
piece while someone (usually the twelve-year-old in the crowd) fiddles
with the keyboard or joystick or other input device until everyone gets
bored and moves to the next exhibit. 

The Times writer, Matthew Mirapaul, is a sympathetic but
clear-eyed critic of digital art and he favorably mentions the current
Boston Cyberarts Festival, which appears to have a nice mix of
real-world events with a well-organized online gallery. 

The whole notion of Internet art is still so much in its infancy
that it's hard right now to say where it belongs. But you have to wonder
when the first Matthew Barney or Christo of Internet art will come
along, creating a line of real-world objects that supports the more
ephemeral central work. Collectors, after all, like to have something
more than an LCD screen to hang on their walls.

--- Excerpt from Michael Rogers: