Oct. 8, 2004


Hi: I wrote you, Ingrid and Hans on Oct 1 about my feelings about this project. You must have missed it among your many e-mails...
 Essentially I said;  2 reasons: #1.

I feel it's wasting my valuable time on a rather nebulous idea I don't feel will work just now.  For me do these detailed things on your space project just isn't possible for me in terms of energy and time.
        I did research the idea believe me and I listed carefully in my oct 1 LONG letter the details of why it isn't a GO at this time.  ----

------In my opinion, it would not work for us to jump in on something that does not include provisions for art or even basic comforts. This is like the time of Kitty Hawk and the Wright brothers' first airplane flight! Believe me, they are NOT THINKING OF ART! "----------

        I realized I may have agreed to do something before I really analyzed WHAT I WAS DOING. I didn't understand how the WEBISTS projects worked when I said I could help you out with what I now realize is YOUR PROJECT.

I looked at the WEBISTS projects and see each project designer usually manages his own projects or else they are co - project directors or whatever you call them and are so listed.
                The way it stands now, This is YOUR project, dear Py. Why don't you write the letters!? You write great letters. OR ELSE MAKE US CO-PROJECT Managers! I have too big a space ego and been working solo for so many years to achieve my space goals I can't give that away. You must understand this. I don't feel right working FOR YOU!!! ha ha.


        And on Tibor's No Answer, I am not trained to create good CDS or dvds. I would be embarrassed to try to get everybody's work on a cd and it turned out to be awful and unprofessional.
        That wouldn't help anything.

SO: This is all just too much work!  I don't  have the time to work on your project as much as I think you are the greatest! (AND A VERY COOL OPERATOR! CLEVER AND CREATIVE with a seductive, oriental mentality - Zorro, unstoppable. a good combo.)
I am in the midst of a bunch of projects here and painting for a show!!! I will do what I can for the WEBISTS ALL.
        BEST CHEERS!!! Cecil