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Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Dear Rodney,
> Received your last mail and I hope the information is useful.....i
> will surely try to get in touch with Mitra.......I was shocked when u
> said u wont be able to i have told u before that it is not
> possible to have the exhibition without u....i have already started
> preparing the Portfolio of the exhibition which will help us getting
> the sponsorships.......your Biodata plays the most imp part of the
> Portfolio.......i have taken out the printouts of all your
> e-mails....and u have never mentioned about not coming and u were most
> enthusiastic about the fund a problem?.........pls let me
> know.....its difficult for me to find out how much money will it take
> u to come here?............................pls write soon and make
> things clear for me.
> Dedicated to the Digital Art evolution in India
> Yogi.C
> __________________________________________________

HI Yogi,

Everything still tentative but making effort to get my body to India for
the show. There is so much to consider, besides finances.

Meeting with my Indian doctor friend tonight after work.

I have a dental clinic business and now the office manager says it's
better for me to go in December instead of November when it is busier.
How flexible are you about schedule exhibit space in November or
December? How is the weather in these 2 months? I don't want to
schedule to close to end of December and worry about computer Y2K
malfunctions in airports and airplanes! SO, my friend, trying to figure
out how to make it into your country - visa, innoculations, finances,
family, company vacation, gallery schedule, geopolitic review of your
country,  accomodations, etc. Help!

Reality setting in and not much time to plan!

Rodney Pygoya Chang