Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 09:19:43 -1000

From: Katy Sabo <image@MAUI.NET>

Hey, INDI!

This, my dear, is incredible news. The curator is a smart woman as her
timing is perfect. Ifeel digital art's popularity is growing fast right
now if for no other reason it's cleaner and cheaper and faster to produce
(arguable, I know!). Of course, can be ever so beautiful too like yours.
Just gave info to Ku'ulei and we'll get an estimate to you. Can't wait
to see your show! Pope's in India right now, giving blessings before
your arrival.
Aloha, Katy


Hi Indi: Talked to Ku and she said there would be roughly 2 - 3hrs. work
involved in setting up such a file with several different images per
sheet. Also she can only do max of 15 images on the 34" x 46". Yes! I
want to see the images!

What are your India dates again? and did you want to take the mini
giclées on your trip?


Hi Rod: Just thought I'd tell you about our great new, smooth coating
that we can do on paper which gives it a water resistant quality! We
hired a guy with years of silk screening experience and he's been
experimenting. We think we're the only printer in the world offering a UV
water resistant coat for watercolor paper. We also have some fab-o new
ones for canvas. Sure you want to go with snail mail size? Seems like
they should be slightly bigger for museum hangings and you could still
mail them with more postage. Show will be stunning, whatever. Can't