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Munich, Germany


Well, I think its the normal - liked or disliked by artists - that the styles
they are working on is separted in categories and subcategories. Something
substantial for all fine arts (except art creations with performance effects
or time limited installations) is, that it should last for 10 - 50 - 100 -
1,000 years and should be admired then still too.

For my opinion the common fine arts categories by "medium computer/screen"
only got one more important variation, of which an under category may be
"WebArt". However, the software to create WebArt partly may be the same for
other Computer Art Categories too (Animations, 3D, Holograms and what ever may
come more). And also: Computerized creations, yesterday sensational and very
complicated, today may be simple poor rubbish, easily done by nearly everyone
after some hours exercise with some new type of software. (Ex and hopp art?)

The Fine Arts primarily result out of combination of handicraft, creativity,
brain and provoked reaction by the viewers. And the computer - whatever new
possibilities he ever may offer - will remain a prothetic remidy, to create
the same.

So, lets care that the variety of art shown within R2001 - computerized or not
- should furtheron remain of same value and same chance to be mentioned in
public on web. At the end its our visitors - and live-exhibitors - who will
make the choice and decision, where to go, what to see (... what to buy!?!)
and what to expose - (and making a mix out of all). Igo, ShopArt, LightHome
Munich, Germany