The 2nd India International Digital art Exhibition
Mon, 01 May 2000 23:53:00 +0530
Yogi Chopra <>

Hi there all of you,
First of all, let me thank you profusely for all your co-operation and
help that u extended to us in our time of need. A big thanx to all of
you or sending in the artworks acc. to our specs. and on time.
And secondly, a big sorry for not writing to u earlier. The exhibition
kept us on our toes for the whole week and for the days before and
after it. Like i have to pay off all the pending bills, see to the
post-exhbition coverage et al. Let us assure you, each one of your works was
very well received. As you may know, there were 16 artists' works and
totally 52 artworks and not one went unnoticed!! Each artworks had a
distinct flavour to it and were really appreciated.
The inauguration was at the hands of a very prominent citizen of
Mumbai, the former Sheriff of Mumbai, Mr. Nana Chudasama. The media coverage
was not to our expectations, tho' we got covered in 2 popular daily
tabloids, a mention in 2 daily newspapers and also were featured in 3 news
channels. But rite now, we are trying to get the maximum post-
exhibition coverage by approaching various art, architecture and interior
design magazines and so far have recd. confirmation from 1 art mag and 1
Architecture mag. We will shortly send you scanned images of the
photographs of the inauguration, and media coverage, if possible. The turnout
visitors too was not too much, but considering the fact that Digital
Art is not so popular in India, it was still pretty good!! We also aren't entertaining
any inquiries for sale of artworks as this fexhibition was purely on a promotional

We will keep you aprised of our future activities and will soon have the show
details online with photographs.

Yogi Chopra
Preeti Gopalkrishnan