Dear Participant / Artist,

I am Yogi Chopra, co-sponsor, organiser and fellow participant of India's 1st India
International Digital Art show in Calcutta, India. Here's my heartfelt thanks to
you for having participated in this historic event and making it a success. Thus a
dream envisioned by Dr. Rodney Chang has finally seen the light of day. India has
now entered the portals of the Art of the future- Digital Art, with the exhibition
having taken place in Calcutta, one of the premier art centres of India.

I hereby invite you to have your own virtual gallery featuring your artworks on
www.yoart.com whose sole aim is to promote Digital art in India and abroad.
Apart from the works already exhibited at Calcutta, please feel free to send more
artworks to be featured on the site.

And now, my friends, it's the turn of Mumbai to host the show as a follow-up to
this event. I am proud to announce that efforts are now underway to organize the
next International Digital art show in Mumbai which will be from 11th to 17th of
April at the Nehru Center(Circular Art Gallery).

I hereby solicit your enthusiastic cooperation and help and extend a cordial
invitation to participate in this event.

We are planning the prints for the Mumbai Event to be custom made.Each print will
be according to the nature of the artwork,style of artwork,the outputs will be
decided on Canvas, Matt, Glossy and normal paper.You are also given the
oppurtunity to send new artworks as a replacement to the ones displayed at

You are requested to send high resolution files of your artwork either by a CD or
upload it on the server.(details will be send later).

Please maintain the orignal size of the artwork if you are sending a CD.

If you have decided to upload the files then please reduce the file size less then 10MB.

If you are e-mailing the artwork then you will have to compromise on the size ratio to reduce each file size upto 5MB.

The fllowing information is also required :
1.) Info on your background
2.)Revised Artist Statement,additional comments.
3.)The prizing of each artwork(optional) If you wish to sell your artwork.
4.)A high resolution photograph of yourself is also required.

Thanks a lot for your co-operation.Please reply for any
questions,suggestions and information.

In the hope that the event turns out to be an immense success,

Yours truly,

Yogi Chopra



Good News!!
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 12:03:12 -0800 (PST)
Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>

Hi Rodney ,
how are u...?
hope everythings fine at your end. :-)
i have good news for you..!
I got the big artist AKBAR PADAMSEE for the show in
If u remember he's the same artist whos contact was
given by Dr Huja's friend and who even tried to get a
gallery for us in mumbai..i think u also send your
catalogue to him...hes a very big name in the art line
..he's 73 and is also doing digital art which he calls
compuGraphics.....hes a gr8 man..
besides him i also another big name who also does
digital art... Mr Jaideep Mehrotra.
I am trying to get more well known name into the show
and i have also chosen Ventius for our show as i liked
his work very much.

We had the Tibetian festival in mumbai for the first
time ...there i met this Japanese artists who has
combined the Tibetian culture beautifully with digital
art ...i will soon send u his works.

Rodney i need atleast 2 more of your
artwork..specially which have striking colours ...and
high resolution ones...atleast 5-8 MB....pls upload
them to the server asap....pls

will get to u asap.