Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 11:05:38 -1000

To: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: Re: where are you?

Shubhojoy Mitra wrote:
> Hi Rod,
> Have you reached home yet?!!!
> Sent mail this morning --- thought you'd be back by
> now ......?
> Anyway, more news:
> Tomorrow I go to Caltiger to finalize deal on hosting
> that Cyberart site... they seem to be keen on it...
> CEO Chris Rebello called personally on Saturday!!!

great! I think she's a dynamic leader which enhances Caltiger's chances
of success. they do however have an attitude against Calcuttans and
superiority sense for being Bombayans. Why? Is this true? I am always
interested as a sociologist student.

also considering telling them about travelling shows around the country
that you plan. then i am open to calling it the Caltiger India lst
International Digital Art Exhibition. After travelling show you can
state permanent place to see show is room in Caltiger (what's their
Calcutta district called for Web site doc?) Or they could invest and
make copy show but better output. Call room India Cyberart Museum tho I
reserve the right to ownership of the museum name and right to move it
to another location in future when we set up, which will
be on their server unless they have other deals, like cosponsorship of
this Caltiger India Cyberart Museum.

They should help sponsor this show all over India, as means to get more
isp sign ups! Get one of their people to do the shows to free up your
time from travelling and making arrangement, as means to go abroad the
country in promoting Caltiger via a cultural event that has had national
attention!!!! They can really position their biz image with culture with
visuals! Be the caring good guy company.
> Great, eh?!!!

> More pix developed and Star TV video cassette ready
> too.

great! package my copies, also CD if you get make digital for upload to
website by Allan.

> shubho