first generation cyberart.
Tue, 25 May 1999 09:24:42 -0600
"Ansgard Thomson" <>
"pygoya" <>

Dear Rodney,enjoy reading your retrospective recording of
your first computer works with Amiga and your show in China.
You are first generation computer artist and have developed
a style very much your own.
I almost bought an amiga,but was advised not to.
The second generation computer artist has not a traditional
approach to art most of them do not have any idea of composition and design
and dabble with spiritual meanings ,because the skill is not there.
Also some of the ethics are missing as well.
Many think art is a webmasters skill ??
More and more the true artists are showing.
Have a terrible time getting Seiigis attention and wonder why?
I want to have all the change over done ,but it is hard.
Thanks for being a friend.

Ansgard Thomson
Box 8
Fort Assiniboine AB.CA.
Tel :1-780-584-2345