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Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:18:45 -0500
From: "J.C.and Nancy Wood" <>


>Hi Rodney,

Sorry that I haven't gotten in touch with you sooner this week. I got back

in town Sunday evening, trying to fight off a cold, and taught 5

4 hour classes over Monday and Tuesday. The conference went well. Those

who are interested in cyberart liked my presentation and those who don't

tolerated it. They gave me a token award of a "magic coloring book" at the

banquet for "enthusiastically goimg on and on and on about the wonders of

digital art". Got to meet and chat with Holle Humphries, art historian at

University of Texas who wrote the first historical survey on computer art to

be included in a textbook (need to write and ask her which one). She spoke

about a symposium at UT on computer art which included as speakers Harold

Cohen, the artist who invented "Aaron" the computer software that can

create paintings, and Thomas Binkley, chair at Ringling School of Art and

Design, and Thomas Linville. I will ask her to send a copy of her

manuscript and send you a copy if you are interested. Met other university

professors interested in cyberart whom I will be sharing info with in the


Your essay is excellent. Please do not remove it. Also, you can leave

Baby and the other student jpeg if you wish. I 'm sure it won't be any

problem. I liked your 2001 proposal. Need to read it again when my head

clears a bit. The list of student names and titles appears complete. I

will review it again. Is there anything else that you need immediately? I

have to go teach again in a couple of hours, but I am off Thursday morning

and will have more time to work on it.