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New York City - June 1998


 Yola Witta of NYArts Magazine to membership of R2001 art web ring after historic l day Web transmission of members' works into Trans Hudson Gallery of New York City, June 14, 1998

Hello everyone,

I kept quiet a little..., as I tried to stay away from all digital devices

after 'explosive' BC (Binary Code, Trans Hudson Gallery,NYC). I'm recharging my vital energy for the future...

I would like to thank you all for wonderful work on your presentations and

support, especially to Aleksi, without his amazingly, skillful; perfection I

won't be able to accomplish this first important, international event.

It was fantastic meeting some of our members that evening, I had a lot of joy

in seeing you in person; Scott and group from Artsite2k (I really love your

essay, my eternal thanks for this 'diamond'), Birgitta from Iceland and your

fantastic friends, Warren and great friends, Judy and Bobby... Unforgettable


The CD from BC presentation will be submitted to the first Digital Museum in

US, which will open next year.

The online curator for Alternative Museum, called the presentation as one of

his 'strongest inspirations' lately......

P.S. The live transmission didn't work as the guys from the fakeshop, messed

up some plug-ins and apologized to everybody for this arrow, I guess we can

forgive them......






[r2001 00992] BC reflection


Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:44:16 EDT