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Re: request for a point of view on cyberart
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 13:55:26 -0700
From: LadyHawk <>


Thank you Rodney,,,, where would I be without your keen eye for

cyberart,,, as you know, I am not kind to my own artwork,,,, but I am

getting better at saying I am a 'Digital Artist'

Thank you so much,,,,

how about this title, and I am doing statement for you too,

Journey - A healing of my Soul???

It is truly what this has been for me,,,,, what great therapy it was,,,

and if one would look back at the beginning, you can see each step of

that journey,,, with a lot of support from family, friends, I would not

be me today without each element,,, I have met such wonderful people,

here at home, across the States, and on the other side of the world. I

thank each and everyone of them. It has been a journey of learning to

accept, that which I can not change, and to make marvelous that which I

can. I shall forever be greatful for the therapy that I did not have to

pay for, but was able to take care of those things we tuck away to deal

with on another day.

Each of my pieces of art is from the fiber of my being. Some are deep

and dark, and others are whimsical. But it is the interpretation of

each person that looks into my art, as to what they see for themselves

and what they take away with them.

Pygoya, thank you for all of your support. I would not be able to say

'Digital Artist' without you, thanks for finding me. To my HeART Sis,

you know who you are, what a gift you have been. And to all of my good

friends with Webmuseum Cybercolony Association, and R2001, thank you for

your support and continued friendships.

I am proud to be at the front door of an explosion in the close future,

called, 'Digital Art. We all have made history together, and I look

forward to the continuation of this path with all of you.

Thank you,