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note: controversy- Rodney Chang-Computer Artist was produced in 1990, a book of 100 color plates of digital works only produced with a mouse and exhibited as photographs at the Shanghai Art Museum in 1989. Wrote to correct claim by the following and this is reply


Re: Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum FeedBack
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:03:12 +0800

To Dr Rodney Chang

At 03:04 PM 10/14/98 -1000, you wrote:
>The world's first book on digital art by one artist is by
>"Rodney Chang-Computer Artist", 1990; Shanghai State Art Museum
>Rodney Chang,MA,PhD

Thank you for visiting the Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum.
15/Oct/1998:08:58:24 +0800

Thank you for information, however, please read this phrase very carefully:

The World's FIRST art book featuring 128
digitally produced art!

it says the world's first art book featuring 128
digitally produced art!

i this is not the same as the world's first digital art book!
ii neither is it the same as

world's first book on digital art

Please note that:

i Except for some 10 works which are produced by the artist own algorithm,
All artworks in this book are produced by MOUSE only -- first of its

ii In our knowledge, the world's first book on digital art
is NOT by Rodney Chang,
as it is a book published circa 1981 in the United States.
In 1985, there were several other books published
by other American publishers.

iii There is a wealth of knowledge and research behind the claim.

Thank You.

The Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum Administration



HUH? Let is rest, who cares who's on first....;)
We're anyways....

OK so there was 128. My book had 100. So YES, the lst digital art book with 128 works of art!