Dear Kosmas,

For just 2 years in PC 3D graphics, you have really accomplished much as an imaginary fine arts artist. I am happy to meet you.
I invite you to have an exhibition by yourself. If you choose, you can assist me in finding other good Greek digital artists (3-4) to do a group Greek show at my virtual museum. The museum is for art's sake, so no money is involved. The digital exhibits remain a part of the museum as long as I am alive. No deleted shows is my dedication. 

Would you accept a show at Truly Virtual Web Art Museum?

I am working on German, South American and Eygptian exhibitions through the summer. I can work on the Greek exhibition later and open online in October 2001.

I like MKS V.1 very much, so cool!!!
But I like most to show the world how artists in Greek use 3D graphics to capture Greek subject matter, feeling, landscape. Can you help me put together a fantastic show to show "cyberart" born from classical Greece?

Sincerely Yours,
curator/webmaster/cyberartist/webist-Hawaii, USA