Hi Fellow Digital Artists,
Greetings from Hyderabad, India.
My website is being updated. I depend upon Webmaster for this work.
What is new?
1. Three new Galleries at RECENT WORKS page include 60 paintings done between July 2004 to March 2005.
2. My note on "Fine Art if Original Paintings in Digital medium" has been revised.
3. A new page listing "Important Writings on Digital Fine Art" has been added. (I realise that more work is required on this page).
4. A DIALOGUE WITH J.D. JARVIS was uploaded some time back.
5. Two more digital artists are included at  MY FAVOURITE DIGITAL ARTISTS (Mariano Petit De Murat and Tibor Kovacs-Ergi. I am thankful to them for their permission.) 
6. There are new pages on WEBISM under four Headings : What is Webism, Who are Webism Members, Webism Projects, and Destination Hawaii 
7. There is a new page link "My Internet Placements" at Home page with my new LOGO
8. A number of Logos and Links are placed on three pages: Home page, Webism page, and "My Internet Placements" page. 
9. I am urging my webmaster to upload some MP3 music also.
10. Some superfluous pages have been removed.
Take a look. You are welcome to make suggestions.
All the best to fellow digital artists,