Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 16:48:52 -0700
From: Michele <>
Subject: * * *Opening@MIG Thursday >06.07.01 6-9/ A symposium@ Engine
  27: "Post media" >06.08.01 7-9/ 21st Century Wildstyle 06.09.01


[ Thursday June 7 (6pm - 9pm) ]

Yael Kanarek @
Moving Image Gallery
414 Broadway 3rd Floor
NY, NY 1001

World of Awe > Silicon Canyon

June 7, 2001-June 28, 2001
Gallery hours:
Mon, Tue & Fri 10:00-2:00
Wed & Thu: 10:00-2:00, 4:00-7:00

Artist reception: June 7, 2001 6:00-9:00

WOA > Silicon Canyon as a physical installation will included computer objects and a new series of digital "Sunset/Sunrise" renderings.

The exhibition focuses on one area in the Sunset/Sunrise called Silicon Canyon, which is a graveyard for old hardware and software from the silicon based computer chips era. In the Love Letter 87/9.3 the traveler wrote about Silicon Canyon:

"And if I wasn't sure I was alive, I would surely think I was in heaven."

World of Awe is an ongoing cross-media project since 1995. A fantastical environment that magnifies the formation of a personal world-view. Its landscape is the Sunset/Sunrise, a desert terrain trapped in the mind frame between night and day. Through this landscape, roams a traveler in search of a lost treasure,

Special thanks to: Harvestworks, Luis Perez, John Klima, Mike Saarf, Yoav Gal, Jim Ford and the Kernel.


[ Friday June 8th (7 - 9pm) ]

A symposium: "Post media", the medium as a hero: using appropriation as an historical reference to create a evolving body of work.

Engine 27
173 Franklin St. (btw. Greenwich and Hudson)
Admission is free.

Michele Thursz introduces:

Post Media is a presentation exploring the use of various media and issues
pertaining to a collective of "new media" artists.

This presentation focuses on the artist as the medium and references the
inner process of the project juxtaposed  the outer projection of
technology as a heroic medium.

In refocusing on the Artist and the integral use of appropriation, Post
Media demonstrates the exchange of global and theoretical
histories and the broadening of the vocabulary of the artist, and of the
artist's and viewer's perception of time, identity, and space.

// Presenters //

*8 bit construction Perry Mahone aka Cory Arcangel, Rick Stryker aka Paul Davis, Dyawn Delario aka Joseph
*Natoarts Frank Ruy,and Miska Draskocy
*World of Awe Yael Kanarek, , Luis Perez
*DJ Spooky Paul D. Miller
*Soundlab Howard Goldkrand
*Mandiberg shop Michael Maniberg