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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:50:41 -1000
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Subject: From a friend of your Mother
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Dear Jill,

Aloha from the state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
I am Rodney Chang, the artist/dentist who recently treated your mother
Alex's fractured tooth. She recommended I contact you as I have artistic
interests in New York.

I have been webmaster of an art Website since 1997. When you have time I
invite you to visit

Online I go by the handle "Pygoya".

One thing is leading to the next as I try to figure out how to make a
living as an artist out here in the middle of nowhere and without
resorting to reproducing the tropical landscape. As things work, an
opportunity to exhibit in India led me to the idea of getting started
with my dream of retiring to NYC. Hence I just registered It doesn't show up yet as I haven't received the bill
yet from the registrars that control the Web.

Here is my initial page about my expanded art career strategy-

If you have any interest in this please do email me back.

A shortcut to all the stuff on my 'homepage' is

Alex said you're doing very well starting up in NYC. Congratulations,
your work must be super.

Rodney Chang