> My name is Tomoko Ose.
> I`m a student of SFC campus ,Keio University in Japan.
> I am in charge of "Art Communication" Section of Exhibition 1999
> First of all, I would like to thank those R2001 artists who came forward to
> participate. Here is the list of artists. Please contact me if your name
> should have been included.
> Igor Ulanovsky, Anne Eldredge Harris, Dale Copeland
> Marianne Muggeridge, Roger Morris, Nancy Wood
> April Ambrozy, Scott Aikens,ADOLF
> jane sharvina,Georges Tafelmacher, Caplyn Dor
> Bryan A. Smith, Jean-Jacques KUNTZ
> ELIZABETH KONOGERIS, Yuki Nakajima, Ryu Itadani
> Gary Beeber, Jolanta Gora-Wita, Amy Kool
> Jerzy Kubina, Hans Kotter
> Since we are expecting hundreds or thousands of visitors, we need more
> collaborators! Please ask your artist friend for more participation!
> There are two different ways to collaborate:
> (1) Sit by your computer at the same time of the exhibition. Images made
> by the visitors will be emailed to you. Make an art work from the image
> (arrange) and send it back to the exhibition. The art work will be printed
> to be posted with other art works emailed to the room. It will also be
> online for everyone to see.
> (2) If you are not going to be able to sit in front of your computer at the
> same time of the exhibition, please list your name and email address in the
> Artist Email List. Images made by visitors to the festival will be emailed
> to you during the show but you do not have to send it back to the festival
> right away. You can email the work directly to the visitors email address.
> And if you CC it to the art communication email address (it will be
> announced to you later), the art work will be uploaded for everyone to see.
> Please submit the form below if you are interested to collaborate. I hope
> to receive many more submissions!!!
> ********************************************************
> *Please cut and paste this section for submission *
> *and send email to Tomoko Ose: s96224to@sfc.keio.ac.jp *
> ********************************************************
> Name:
> Country:
> Email address:
> URL of your site:
> Type of collaboration: (1) and/or (2)
> *******************************************************
> I am listing the date and time in each country for those who can join the
> exhibition at the same time (1).
> Japan 10/23 and 10/24 10:00AM - 18:00PM
> Canada 10/22 19:00PM - 10/23 3:00AM
> 10/23 19:00PM - 10/24 3:00AM
> England 10/23 and 10/24 2:00AM - 10:00AM
> France 10/23 and 10/24 3:00AM - 11:00AM
> Germany 10/23 and 10/24 3:00AM - 11:00AM
> Israel 10/23 and 10/24 4:00AM - 12:00PM
> New Zealand 10/23 and 10/24 14:00PM - 22:00PM
> Poland 10/23 and 10/24 3:00AM - 11:00AM
> Spain 10/23 and 10/24 3:00AM - 11:00AM
> Switherland 10/23 and 10/24 3:00AM - 11:00AM
> =NY,Atlanta 10/22 21:00PM - 10/23 5:00AM
> 10/23 21:00PM - 10/24 5:00AM
> =Chicago 10/22 20:00PM - 10/23 4:00AM
> 10/23 20:00PM - 10/24 4:00AM
> =LA 10/22 18:00PM - 10/23 2:00AM
> 10/23 18:00PM - 10/24 2:00AM


Digital Hawai
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 18:32:01 +0900
"Seiji Ueoka" <fig1970@din.or.jp>
tony tseng <ndc20185@mxtpa.biglobe.net.tw>, Pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>


I was able to open the Digital Hawai!! So I can use it the way it is for
the exhibition.

It is a great presentation. I liked it very much.

This will be fetured in the Art Theater.

Thank you!



Sun, 10 Oct 1999 22:47:03 +0900
"Seiji Ueoka" <fig1970@din.or.jp>

Please go see

>> http://r2001.com/exhibiting/e1999/a_c/a_c.html

Art Communication page has been added!

[r2001 02058] Invitation Card and Invitation FD
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 03:20:20 +0900
"Seiji Ueoka" <fig1970@din.or.jp>


I have uploaded the image of E1999 invitation card designed by Hiroki
Nishoka (R2001 member in Japan) and the invitation FD made with the support
from Saki Harada (another R2001 member in Japan). The design of the label
of FD is also by Hiroki. There are html files of the pamphlet with links of
each participating artists' webpages and etc. We will be sending the
Invitation to museums, galleries, and other art related organizations. 4000
flyers are printed (same image as the invitation card) and SFC students are
in charge of passing it out.

As you can see, we are beautifully working together to make this exhibition



> Would someone please explain to me what I'm looking at, at the following URL:
> http://r2001.com/exhibiting/e1999/earth/create.html
> It might be my browser (NS 4.7)...dunno..but all I see is this teenie-tiny
> (smaller than a banner) unrecognizable composite image?


The small image is the work everybody entried.
"eARTh" is a plan to make one picture with all over the people and
that picture is a compsite image of work entried.
If the image is full size, we can't see one work on display.
So I programed "Full image into small gif image" when you entry.
(the full image is on each directory)

If you push "show all", you can see one picture of all work entried.
If you push "0", you can see one picture of Theme 0.
These presentations are by Database(SQL) and CGI program.

In fact, "eARTh" has tow presentations way.
This online presentation is 2.
(* All work is 335X335 formats)

<1: Analog presentation in "eARTh ROOM">
a All work entried Database is printed into Analog work.
(by entry form and e-mail)
b 1999 exhibition Visitors make analog work with paint tool and so on.

We SFC Staff stick each work on the very big board,
we will be able to see one picture everybody made.
This landscape is telecasted with internet to the world.
Each work has each masseages. If each work becomes to be one,
we can see the power of eARTh...
is the consept.

<2: Digital presentation in Database Room by SGI machine x 8>

With Database system, we can get great chance to meet art work.
This presentation is performed by work
a via entry form
b e-mail

This plan provides you two chance to meet art work.

1: we can see directry a work on demand. (database search system)

2: we can make freely digital eARTh on demand. (database creation system)


As stated above, we can see two style eARTh.
These are by analog and digital.

If we can see both pictures, we can get the greatness each one.

Are you OK, Bryan?
As Bryan looked, this presentation is short of work for creating
big eARTh now. So,
Entry many work and create big eARTh with us!



From: "Seiji Ueoka" <fig1970@din.or.jp>
To: Seiji Ueoka <fig37@cap.bekkoame.ne.jp>

Dear R2001 Members

I can not believe how time goes by so fast. We have been preparing for the
up coming R2001 Exhibition, E1999, from April and we only have one week
left! I thank everyone who gave us valuable ideas and kind words about
E1999 and I will do my best in setting up the place at SFC to show
everyone's art works sent to the exhibition.

For those new members hearing about E1999 for the first time, please go
check out the webpage to learn about it.


For those artists who missed the chance to submit your art works to Ututu,
Art Theater, and 99 Gallery, there are two sections where you can still make
submissions online and via email.

1) eARTh Workshop
Create any kind of image with the theme of 0(zero) or 1(one) and send it to
the exhibition via email, or upload it and enter the url in the special
database. All images will be printed out on fine coated paper during the
exhibition. We will have a big panel board (2.7mx3.7m) in the entrance hall
of the building and we will paste each images randomly in order to make a
huge art work called the eARTh. Visitors of the exhibition will also
participate. The whole scene will be broadcasted online as well!

Detailed information is at

2) Art Communication

Send pictures of your art works to this section! It will be printed out on
fine coated paper during the exhibition. All of the printouts will be
hanged on the wall for everyone to see. Visitors will be free to take the
image home for free.

Detailed information is at



Please spread information about E1999. We would like to have as many
artists (do not have to be r2001 member) to join this online art festival!

Thank you and best regards,

Seiji Ueoka
R2001 Council

Return-Path: <pygoya@pixi.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 14:10:37 -1000
From: Pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
Reply-To: pygoya@pixi.com
Organization: http://www.lastplace.com
To: cyberstaff@lastplace.com
Subject: (no subject)

r2001 exhibition 1999 with Keio U

eARTh Workshop

eARTh Workshop is part of E1999 which will take place in
the Fall Festival of Keio Gijyuku University, Shonan
Campus. The theme of E1999 is "zero and one".
of eARTh Workshop who comes to E1999 in Japan will be
asked to make drawings with the theme of zero or one. We
are also using the internet to gain more participants
from as
many people from around the world. All of the images
collected will be posted on a big panel located in the

[r2001 02216] e1999 report
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 17:54:04 +0900
"Seiji Ueoka" <fig1970@din.or.jp>

Hello Members,

Here is the report of e1999.

I thank everybody for the artistic support! Before you start reading my
report, please know that we have successfully made great impression in the
art scene in Japan!

***** Art Communication *****

The plan of this section was very complicated that it confused many of us
(staffs) during the exhibition. Students only had half a day to prepare and
there was no time for the staffs to test the system before the show starts
and understand the flow of it. Students were forced to make many changes in
the plan right before the show due to limited time and shortage of staffs.

* There was no email presentation. (pict of art works sent to the OUT room
was never presented)

* There were supposed to be three choices for the visitors, what to do with
the images they create.

Choice A
(1) create image (visitor)
(2) mix the image with some other visitors image (student staff)
(3) receive the printout in the "OUT" room (visitor)
(4) put the image on web for everyone to see (student staff)

Choice B
(1) create image (visitor)
(2) send the image to the artist who have agreed to be in front of the
computer at the same time of the festival (student staff)
(3) arrange the image received and send it back to the festival (artist)
(4) receive the art work in the OUT room (visitor)
(5) put the image on the web for everyone to see (student staff)

Choice C
(1) create image (visitor)
(2) save and upload the image and register visitor's email address.
(automated system made by student)
(3) after the show, take the images from (2) and arrange the image. (artist)
(4) Send the arranged image to the specified email address.
(5) Send the image to the visitor (1) and put it on the web for everyone to

* First day, the system did not work for the most of the day. Visitors did
not have any choice but "Choice A"

* Second day, they have made the following changes.
1) do not give any choices to the visitors. Ask the visitor if he has an
email address. If he has, then have the image and the email address
register in the automated system for "Choice C". If he doesn't have email
address, then have him do "Choice A"

2) Direct the real-time participants to the web page where the automated
system is and have them send the arranged image to the specified email
address. Images were downloaded and printed out in the OUT room.

Non of the above changes were informed to R2001 members at the festival.I
apologize for confusing many of you who waited in front of your computer and
disappointing many artist participants.

Thanks to Sharif for informing the new direction to the members and tried
very hard to work things out. If Sharif did not make his move, visitors did
not have any choice but "Choice A".

Even though the staffs were having difficulties in understanding the flow,
the "IN" room was full of people through out the exhibition. (perhaps this
kept the students to provide the new information to us) They did such a
fantastic job of setting up the room with imacs. Japanese blinds called the
Sudare was used to hide the chalk boards. They built big low table on
Tatami mats. There were Japanese flower arrangements for decoration.

**** eARTh Workshop and Database section *****

This turned out to be quite successful. After the visitors created images
in the eARTh room, they were all directed to the database room to scan the
image and register it in the eARTh database. After the process was done,
each images were posted with every other images on the panel board. I think
the staffs of database section, staffs of eARTh section, and the visitors
were able to share the great feeling of creating together! Link to the
eARTh database will be made from the front page of r2001.com and the section
will stay for at least three years. There is a plan for SFC to buy better
server for eARTh for faster and smoother access.

In the Database room, 8 SGI powerful and expensive computers were set up.
All visitors had a wonderful environment to explorer LightHomes and eARTh

**** Ututu room ******

We build screens with woods and Japanese rice papers. Within such short
time provided to prepare, I think we did a fine job. Ututu room was
introduced in the evening news paper on the 23 October. Please go see
Here is the translation.

Fantastic space created with projection and sounds - Keio University SFC

Exhibition 1999 has started on the 23 of October. SlideShow - UTUTU room,
the new type of space creation with digital images and sounds has been well
recognized. In side a dark room, 8 screens made with rice paper (1.4x1.7)
were put in a circle and over 1000 digital images by artists from 19
different countries were projected on each screens. From 8 different
speakers, sound of birds, music, and other different sounds are echoing.
>From the center of this circle, visitors are surrounded with 360 degrees of
sound and images. This is an collaboration of an art promoting
organization, Renaissance 2001 Project that connects artists from around the
world with internet (founded by a painter, Seiji Ueoka). One of the
visitor, Ikuko Yoshida (19), who is a student of Yokohama University said
"Different images appears at ones and creating one kind of space. Makes me
feel like to stand still... It is a marvelous and mysterious place."

***** 99 Gallery *****

Since this was an exhibition in a school campus, the way of presentation was
very much limited. We could not have any spot lights. We had to use the
wooden boards to hang each paintings. We tried our best to make it look as
professional as possible. Visitors were very polite and went through each
paintings respectfully. And I must say, it was meaningful to present both
digital and physical art works in one exhibition.

I am planning to do an one-month exhibition in a small gallery in Tokyo
presenting all of the physical art works sent for e1999. The reason why I
chose this small gallery is because it will be possible to sell. I will
inform you more on this when I have better information.

***** Art Theater *****

We used one SGI computer (coast more than \3,000,000) and a Epson projector
(coast more than \1,000,000) so the presentation quality was very high. The
screen was as big as 3 meters by 4 meters. At least 200 people came in the
room in the two days.

Seiji Ueoka