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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 01:47:20 +0900
Subject: R2001 Exhibition at SFC - JAPAN!
From: "Toko Ueoka" <>
To: Seiji Ueoka <>

Hello members,

We are proud to announce about R2001's very first exhibition in Japan!
It has been officially approved for us to do a digital exhibition in the
annual event presented by the Keio University - Fujisawa Campus (SFC).

This time, we do not have any problems of renting or finding equipment
because SFC is a big campus loaded with hundreds of computers that are
connected to the internet! Screens, monitors, projectors.... It's all there.

Here is what I can tell you for now....

1) Date of the event - November 6 and 7, 1999 (two days)

2) No problem to use their equipment and their space.

3) SFC students are volunteering to help assisting this exhibition.

4) Students are in charge of this event. They are collecting funds from
companies and stores closed to the campus, so we don't have much to spend.

5) This event is strictly academical so we can not make any business. (we
can not sale our art works) But this will be our great chance to be
recognized and expose. (Keio University is known as one of the best
University in Japan, and SFC campus is known as a leading research division
in Multi-media and network communication.)

Every detailed plan of this exhibition have not been decided. We have been
talking about turning the campus building(s) into a big museum for two days.
So we will be doing every type of digital presentation we have done in the
past (web art, digital presentation, video clip art, slide show, music and
etc) plus whatever we can think of.

If you have any ideas or questions, please write to this list. If you are
interested in participating, please write to Seiji Ueoka
( providing your name and your LightHome name.

We hope everyone is participating!

R2001 Council


Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 22:03:03 +0900
From: "h.o" <>
Organization: SFC

Hello all !

I am Hideaki Ogawa, the sutudent of Keio university.
We, the project team in SFC with Seiji & Japanese R2001 members
plan the Exhibition 1999 in SFC.

Then I introduce the SFC keio univ. to you.

* What is SFC and Keio?

Keio SFC means Keio university Shounan Fujisawa Campus.
SFC is the most famous univ. in Information Media like Internet in
and the one of three the biggest base of Internet.
(others are MIT & ? in Europe)

Shounan means the erea near Yokohama.
It takes us a one and half hours to go from Tokyo to SFC.

* Exhibition in SFC

This exhibition holds useing Two Callage builldings.
Each buillding has 6 rooms & open spaces.
The atmospehre of builldings is very modern with naked concrete wall.

It will be estimated that about 10,000 poeple are come.

I will send E-mail to you that exhibition details and photos of the
exhibition hall.

Best wishes. hideaki *

Keio Univ Environmental Information Science 4th Grade
Multi Media Labo "h.o", R2001 project, Multi Media Modeling
Hideaki Ogawa
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Seiji Ueoka wrote: > Scott

> Thanks! Scott and everyone, I have another good news to share!
> Today, the SFC students and I visited NHK (Government run TV station) to
> meet the director of this program called Sunday Museum. This program is a
> long run TV show featuring today's art scene, exhibitions, art history, and
> etc. It is not official yet but most likely there will be TV camera during
> the exhibition and it will be broadcasted (nation wide) after the show. The
> director said this will fall under this section called "Art Scene" and I
> think it will be about 10 to 15 min.
> As soon as I find out more about it, I will let you know.....
> Seiji