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group email from member to r2001 art ring group;
discusssion of what is "Web Art"?


Just had a chance to read all this; very happy to see the discussion and manifesto. i think gerald's cinema/drama analogy is right on. the value of webart to me is its inherent awareness of itself as a delivery/communications tool AND as a creative medium. i can see the development of this group as evidence of the power of that form-content synthesis. r2001 began as a group of traditional artists using the web as a delivery/communication tool; as we learn more about the possibilities of different delivery methods via the web, their aesthetic application becomes art. it's just another frame thhrough which to view the world, a step back or zooming out in which, like the magritte pipe paintings, we find meaning not only in the content, but in the motion between perspectives, between frames of reference....the reason webart is important to r2001 is that it reflects the nature of r2001: neither could exist without the internet. the question i want to address is, how do we reflect all this in  the r2001 website? i think the design itself shoulld express this meta-awareness; in my CWB piece, for example, i used screenshots of pages in the webring within the larger context of virtual environments. i think we should find a way to reflect the creative, provocative, communicative spirit of r2001 in the design of the site, perhaps by directly engaging users...any thoughts?


15 Oct 1998 20:33:19 -0500 From: Sharif Ezzat