Did you know that Digital
Art in India is not popular and there are no Digital art schools out
here.We have these Art / Computer institutes where they teach various
Graphic softwares for its technical aspect.So Digital Art is a very
personal matter.I am in the process of collecting people who are
interested in Digital art.There is only one Digital art gallery in its
physical existence in India which is in a different part of the
country.I have managed to contact the person incharge & I have invited
him to display the artworks of the various artists featured in his
gallery & waiting.I am waiting for a response from him & if he's
interested I can help you, besides that I have few friends who are like
me & do Digital art as a hobby so I can manage to get a few artist whom
you can feature.
Have you checked my site lately.Look for updates!
Waiting for your response.
yours truly,
Yogi Chopra


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 12:30:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>

Dear Rodney,
Received your messages & I was very thrilled & enthusiastic
.When I first planned to make a site about Digital art I knew I have to
conduct a Digital Art show obviously sometime down the line when I
will be able to afford it.Please let me know about the details & your
ideas...exactly how can we plan things.Are u considering having a
Digital art show in India.....well I have loads of questions but I
would prefer if u could tell your plans first.I am personally in touch
with Girish & he seems to be equally enthusiastic.I am still in the
process of collecting Digital artists & I will soon get back to you.
Waiting in anticipation for your reply
Sincerely dedicated to world digital art evolution!



Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 12:45:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Hi there!
To: pygoya@pixi.com
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Dear Rodney
If it wasn't for your enthusiasm & the foresight to make this
dream come true I would have been lost & underestimated myself .Thanks
to you my friend u have really given me new hopes & something to think
about.I am in a fix right now & I am desperate to get a job for my
summer vacations....and somehow nothing is happening right.But that
doesn't stop me to come up with new ideas & concepts for our dream
exhibition.the last few days I am looking at the exhibition from a more
practical angle.Funds is a problem...a big one.I don't wan't u to spent
money to come all the way to India....just for a show in a coffee shop
or something i want on a decent scale & satisfactory......it requires
lot of planning ,patience & above all money (sponsors)....the 1 st step
in my plan of action is to find about the exhibition in Bangalore....i
will be in touch with the person....& find out regularly to know
exactly when they plan to have an exhibition in Bombay.I would
personally prefer the show in december and call it ''the millenium art
show'' or something similar.but since we have around 7 1/2-8 months to
go we can change gears according to the cicumstances.I could also
arrange for computers & big screens which will entertain the visitors &
educate them about this form of art....I have to start looking out for
a gallery rightaway coz many of them are booked months in advance.One
of my priorities is to change the design of my site....and give a
different look maybe a bit more professional & appealing.This will
give me the confidence & better outlook (any comments).We have enough
time on ours hands to come up with new concepts & ideas!
I have realised we are simultaneously online....so why don't u
download ICQ 99a or Yahoo Pager we will be able to communicate better
& efficiently!Lets hope for the best.Waiting for your response & will
keep u updated.

Yogi Chopra

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 13:06:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>
Subject: helloSir
To: pygoya@pixi.com
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Dear Rodney,
Good to know you are as anxious as ever...!
The first thing i would surely like to know who is the prominent
artist visiting Hawaii this month.
I personally want you to get all your best paintings to
India.Anyway we have a long time to go..we can take our own time &
I personally feel money should not be a problem provided we
approach sponsors..and have a more professional attitude and approach
towards it..i still have to learn a lot...
I am going a bit off topic..but i would like to know more about
u...if i could see your photograph somewhere..i could have an idea how
u look.