Both Calcutta and Bombay are cities which are vibrant
centres of contemporary Indian art and have a history
of artistic trends. If New Delhi is the political
capital of India, Calcutta has often been called the
it's cultural capital. Some of the pioneers of modern
Indian art who broke away from western academic
discipline to give birth to what is known as the
Bengal School of painting in the early part of 19th
century were based in the city. In the later years,
there has been no lack of creative endeavours here
and film-makers like Ritwick Ghatak and Satyajit Ray
who need no introduction to art lovers worldwide,
hail from this 300 year old metro.

Bombay has a thriving cosmopolitan millieu today and
can perhaps be called India's "Manhattan" with most
of the top corporate headquarters of the country
situated within its limits. There too, artistic
activity has thrived over many decades and many of
the best contemporary Indian painters like M. F.
Hussain prefer to reside there for best part of the
year. The city also has a mature commercial market
for art where every artist, both young and
well-established like to exhibit their work at least
once, if not many times during the course of their

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