Re: MY India Show Pieces!
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 23:45:08 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Dear Py,

been very busy and am neck deep in work. have been
barely reading your mails. have started the first
batch of invitation mails. the txt is given below.
great queries form tony tseng, greg and ansgard.
wrote to yogi too.

here's the sample:
30th October 1999

Hello ,

As you might already have heard: The First
International Digital Art Exhibition in India is on!

Date: 10th December to 16th December.
Venue: The Oxford Bookstore Gallery, Calcutta, India.

An event at the threshold of the next century to
introduce the trends of contemporary international
digital art top the art-loving people of Calcutta and
the Indian public at large.


I would also like to also invite you to Calcutta
during that time although it's rather late in the day
to so! You can always look forward to a warm welcome
from the organizers here!

Okay, here are the details:

Send only 2 (3 max.).
Picture format: jpeg. Resolution: High (150 to 300 p/i
would be good!).
Size: Small. Postcard size.
To be printed and framed uniformly.

Ship them "online":

Here's where and how to upload the files:

1. Go to
2. Click member log-in GO (yellow button)
3. Provide following info in log-in screen:
screen name: submit
passwd: myart
Upload files in digiart folder.

I would like to thank Pygoya, for his tremendous
energy and willingness to travel to India in spite of
the odds to hold this show.

And thank you all for support and inspiration to
organize this show and lokking forward to even bigger
events in the next millenium.

Best wishes and warm regards from Calcutta,

Shubhojoy Mitra

write to shubho at "" for
further details, clarifications, ideas, etc.

Gallery: my art at ""
(Virtual Gallery of Digital Art)