From: Yogi Chopra <>
To: Rodney Chang <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 12:05:00 +0530
Subject: You are invited...
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Dear friend,
You are invited to submit your Digital art at
site is undergoing various changes and updates.If you have already submitted
your works please send them again as I have lost all my previous data collected
from you due to the CIH virus.Your works are truly inspirational for the new
generation of upcoming Digital Artists. is planning a real world group Digital art show of its kind
in Mumbai
(The Millenium Digital Art Show).You have an oppurtunity to submit your 2 best
Digital artworks which will be put up in the gallery during the show and please
mail me for more information about the show.
Yogi Chopra

"Sincerely Dedicated to Digital evolution in India."