Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:32:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: Re: tIndian visitor here in Hawaii
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Yes, Shakuntala Devi is form our city. It's sad that
she uses her formidable talent for cheap
money-spinning schemes like telling the future. Okay,
maybe astrology/numerology might be the subject of
some research but the way she uses her name makes her
no different from the hundreds of practising
"astrology professionals" in this part part of the
world who make a living by exploiting people's hopes
and fears.

...(A site I did for the co.
"" --- it's
funny, believe me!!!)...

Anyway, she is not been in the news lately although
most would know her by name immediately all across
India... or at least Calcutta. People say she's just
that: a human calculator, no more, no less. Would be
interesting to see what she's really like though. But
as you said, I wouldn't spend $50 to be told that I'll
fail tomorrow but a certain stone embedded on a ring
around my left hand's index finger might make things
turn the other way.

Satish Gujral is a well-known artist. Elder brother of
the former Prime Minister I. K. Gujral. hails from
Punjab. Possibly settled at Delhi. He could be very
influential and enlisting his support would move
things like crazy over here. I am sure his name would
open every art establishment door in the country.

Your other mail, I will get cracking at the sponsor
letters asap.

Working night shift on the last phase of the Portal in
the office! It's 3:00 am now! Still about four hours
grind ahead!!!ok. a sneak preview just for you: this
url is confidential...

will talk to you later!!!