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Cecil, I don't know how much trouble you have relating things to El

I have been thinking about your fractal resonance. Frankly fractals are
rather empty for me. However there is an interesting personage in the
art world you may have heard me mention; John Ruskin. He was a theorist
about the time of Turner and helped to spawn the English Dreamers and
later Art Nouvea... His basic theories are laid down in "Seven Lamps of
Architecture" and more extensively in his five books of Painting;
especially the section about water. He actually produced some artworks

I thought of him tonight as I was playing cards; remember Dad's old
mechanic's grip? I was placing the cards with that grip haphazardly
watching the pattern go back and forth and how people try to recognize
human intelligence in patterns. Ruskin was rather upset at classical
architects. I seems the Greeks especially laid out things in neat
little rows with no variance which he thought was very boring. The
Gothic tradition he thought was much more noble; and at the time was
appalled to see many gothic building being torn down and replaced by neo
classic counterparts.

The gothics would build upon mistakes in a more natural way; using their
intelligence to solve problems, one solution leading to another. The
classics would cast out all error and start from scratch in a repetative
notion and complete the edifice with perfect regularity. I leave it to
you to figure out which method used more intelligence. But there is a
similarity here.

The Indian theory ballyhooed of late is that the universe's patterns are
actually based upon the body pattern of a human being. Seems rather
absurd to me, sort of like numerology; and to think that our present
body pattern is holy in any way is a gross misstatement. We are spirit
first and last and that is what the universe is based on; but there is
this tendency from the ancient times to organize in this manor.

I have heard a saying; that man is the only creature that is able of
comprehending the infinite. I think this is true and it shapes the way
we function. What we apply to nature is this comprehension; but it can
happen with grace or futility. Fractal application is a Greek pattern
of regularity. Very sophisticated but still evolving from the basic
geometric theory of numerology or regularity. It is an android's
approach to understanding the infinite; totally without soul. However
very useful... for machines. and hence for man.

It is odd that I see great ugliness in fractal patterns. They have so
much color and are responsible for so much mechanical diversity.
However they are totally useless to me artistically. About the only
value they have theoretically is a quaint discussion piece or point of
interest. I cannot relegate them to the realm of the devil or evil; but
I could see how someone could. They could be a trap for man to fall
into I suppose. Beauty being color and pattern visible on the surface.
But there is no soul... spirit. There is no challenge to build upon;
all is preset. Just a curiosity.

I work with computer programs that use fractal patterns in a way so as
to lay a base for my computer to lay out color and form. The patterns
aren't visible on my level of creativity; they serve as a servant does.
My work is not related to them; however many in the artworld use tools
that do show easy shortcuts in imagery and one can see the influence of
fractals readily. Many people in the art world object to the new
digital art because of the reliance on digital tools; like a pottery
relying on the wheel too much. However; like a potter who turns
regularly and simply, these tools are a servant to the artist and also
show his will and talent reflected; no matter how mundane.

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