[r2001 02300] Re: struggling with preconceptions
Sat, 04 Dec 1999 06:05:58 -1000

Hello r2001 fellow members,

I leave in a few days for an exhibit on cyberart in Calcutta, India.
As part of this event I shall be making a presentation to several
hundred people with a large screen wired to the Internet.

Just wanted you to know I shall be bringing up, along with my
own virtual museum, as samples of how art and artist
networking are evolving on the Internet. The group includes the
intelligentsia of Calcutta, such as art professors, historians and
critics. I hope to bode well for all of us and what we are doing with
and for art online as we move into the new millenium. After this
cultural introduction, Calcutta will be acquainted with R2001!

Bon Voyage!

Lighthome Hawaii