Hans-Dieter Grossmann, Germany


I believe that along with the new technique of computer painting, one must develop
a new way of thinking. The traditional methods of painting with its motifs should be
given up by the artist, who has committed himself to be a computer artist. We have
many doubtful people, who have no use for the new direction art is taking and many
painters condemn it. But, I like to think my colleagues are mainly scared of trying
the new technique for fear they could fail. A painter might start out producing the
same works he did before, maybe only to prove to himself that he is in control. But,
he will explore later all the possibilities offered to him in the programs and
develop a new technique. I am confident in working with the new media. When he
was inventing moveable type, Gutenberg was considered the greatest "spinner"
(deranged person) of his time.