Email to Katy Sabo of Glycee Maui, formerly Bishop Street Press.
May 15, 1999



The computer serves as assistant in discovering new art visions for
Pygoya. The artist, over the years' parade of changing personal computer
systems, always attempts to reinvent his developed "style" on the
computer, as much his own input as the evolving technical tools. Then,
instead of a hard copy printout that other computer artists exhibit and
sell, an intermediary actual painting on canvas is produced to
"dedigitize" the work. This is done in order to remove a purely
technical feeling of computer graphics, which some consider a bit
"sterile". Then the working painting is photographed, "redigitalized"
and modified through editing refinements by the artist. The "final" work
of art is either the Gyclee prints available here or such a derived
digital work place online for exhibition in Internet "cyberspace"
virtual reality galleries.


After 10 degrees, for the sake of art, I do not think or work like other
painters or computer graphic artists. My theory is important to me and
is the guiding light and motivation for what I do. I live in my own
world and hopefully history will take note. To label my Gyclee prints as
"reproductions" would be untrue. My paintings are "reproductions" and the
Gyclee will be the "originals". That's just the truth of the matter.
Since your homepage states otherwise, it is important to me that my
works are redefined on my own art page, otherwise they are

All the above is stated as such on my extensive Web site and in my
online Journal of artistic writings. To not clarify my prints as such
would be inconsistent as to what my art is to people.


Re: On Pygoya's Art Process
Sat, 15 May 1999 21:44:32 -1000
"Katy Sabo" <>

Dear Rodney: Sounds wonderful...I'm going to print it and and read it over
a couple times to thoroughly absorb it. Talk to you soon. Katy

August 8, 1999

Secondary Aim for Giclee Prints Identified for Pygoya

Re: for your eyes only VI
Sat, 07 Aug 1999 20:55:35 -1000
pygoya <>
Katy Sabo <>

Hi Katy,

Thanks for the pat; we all need that sometimes to keep plugging away.
Yup, when it comes to the Web turf, traditional artists usually are at a
big disadvantage (in promoting and marketing themselves) when compared
to us art tech nerds of the digital kind.

"Several weeks" is par for the course. However, some may show up in
listings in a few days. Don't know which. I constantly bombard all of
them for the past 2 years.

As for my own marketing via, I've taken a new creative twist-


On my site I have initiated a new program in support of promoting
familiarity with Pygoyan art. I offer a free set of prints (5) to any
museum on this planet that offers me a show as part of their permanent
collection. Cool? I hope I can get by by just donating a set of proofs
to keep costs within means. I list you as "representative" if any
museums take the bait. The email comes to but
will be forward to you at (doesn't look as pompus as my
own email here). You contact me on such an order put don't print until I
OK the printing. This way I can pick and choose, negotiate... if NO
museums come my way so be it for now. If I get an avalanche then I have
to be selective. Either way it's an experiment on "how to get your work
into international museums via resources of the Internet and the Giclee
print! If this ploy works, please consider sponsoring me partially if
this leads to "representing" a world famous/class artist - now
also outside of online cyberspace.

Hey, it could work!


Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 11:48:16 -1000
From: Pygoya <>
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Subject: giclee grows
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Thinking and planning ahead-,,
could become a feeder of print orders to MauiGiclee. NYGiclee would
need to get a discounted rate to make a margin commission of the regular
price of prints. NYGiclee would charge the regular rate for prints that
Maui Giclee lists for artists. Of course other printers can be found
and others probably will also be used by NYGiclee, printing
broker/middleman. Once a NY artist commits to a print through NYGiclee,
NYGiclee is competitive in getting the print order, even if it is more
expensive than other NY area printers because this welcomes a free
listing of prints for sale at Eventually the original
art used for making the Giclee prints sold online will be hung in the
actual New York Net Gallery in New York. So working hand in hand, the
NY gallery and online web site serves the artist unlike the limitations
of other galleries there with no online global presence. You betcha the
580 average visitors coming through's virtual museum will
be pipelined to New York enterprises.

If ever becomes available and I have the resources, I'd be
interested to look at the opportunity. You may even become a part owner
of it and take a percent of the 15% of online sales as well as a % of
print order commission made at Maui Giclee as well as other worldwide

WHY I lean towards giving the NY print orders to Maui Giclee rather than
other printers is because YOU'RE there and I've been through the process
and like the quality. Plus visited the facilities. So I have trust in
quality and timely delivery to the NY artists, which if not satisfied, I
believe can be quite a hassale and even be sue happy.

Now you know my long range plan for Pygoyan giclees, inc.

By the way, one of these days, some sort of periodic "progress report"
should be mailed to the participating artists. Especially if
some are not making sales, they'll need reassurance of efforts from Maui
Giclee. It's good biz and will lead to growth and reduce the chance of
friction developing with artists later on. Such a need I see for when it starts taking on artists.

Emailed Alex's daughter in NY couples days back but no word yet.