Tue, 25 May 1999 11:43:26 +0000
Ankur Gupta <>
Proman Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Pygoya,

I was extremely happy to receive your communication and had occasion to
visit your site as well. I liked what I saw!!!

I have been trying since the last two years to make a sincere attempt at
getting digital art recognised in India, but have not been successful so
far. I am now aiming to excite the media and release a series of articles
towards this objective. Would appreciate your help in making a successful
pitch for this purpose in terms of suitable links and facts.

Art Galleries need to be hired in India which can be done provided the
budget is there. However, as in USA, the Indian art lovers who are
prospective buyers are fairly limited and need to be excited into visiting
the art gallery. All this entails cost. So far I have been able to get the
corporate sector to use my paintings in their calendar and my biggest
success so far is to have almost enrolled a major pharmaceutical company to
develop a calendar on "Beyond the Millenium" concept using 6 of my
creations. This would be distributed to 70,000 doctors all over India and
means a lot to me.

I would be glad to help out in any way. Since you are more experienced I
would abide by your guidelines in this respect and pitch in my two pennies
worth of advice wherever possible.

Iris printers are available in India and outputs could be coordinated here
as well.

Rest on hearing from you,



Pygoya wrote:

> Dear Ankur,
> I am delighted to discover your art Web site!
> I am Pygoya, Web digital artist (
> I have been working with 2 Indian student artists to attempt an online
> digital art exhibit at my Web museum and also printout hard copy show
> somewhere in India. After searching the Web there's nothing on any
> digital art exhibiting in your country. Can you help me/us to
> collaborate on some digital art project?


Tue, 25 May 1999 08:59:34 -1000
pygoya <>
1 , 2

Dear Ankur,

I am happy to receive your answer that you too are attempting to have
digital art recognized in India. I have taken on the same challenge
after, on the Internet, finding only these 2 students (l web site) and
now your own. That's about it when one keys in "India+digital+art" in
international search engines!

You are indeed a pioneer!

I was that too for my US state of Hawaii. It's been 14 years now since
my lst exhibit in my home state and now digital art is commonplace here.
As you may know I am also the lst digital artist to exhibit in all of
China. 1988, Shanghai Art Museum. So now, on the Web, I, like Indiana
Jones, I find India an exotic challenge to pioneer OUR digital art
medium. Please permit me to join your quest to bring India into the
digital international culture age. The next millenium.

There's so many ways to get a foothold in your country for digital art.
You made the lst important step - publishing your imagery on corporate
calendars. When was this? Can I have a copy of the calendar with your
autograph? How much to pay? Send to my address at Pygoya, PO Box 26261,
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96825.

We can plan incrementally scaled shows. First, to get it going, small
prints in small bookstore or restaurant or coffee cafe. Just find a
store keeper who wants to have such a historic show in his business and
make history! Then there's a school exhibit, another noncommercial
exhibit for community education/awareness of digital art. Here we can
include the Indian students' work. Next level, you and I, professionals,
can do a 2 person show in whatever space you can get. The students know
of l gallery that may show digital art. I can give you their email
addresses. If you are truly serious, then you should work with the other
2 that I have been attempting to move forwards with for months. You can
then determine if it is better to work alone. However, of course I want
to be fair and let the other know you too are working towards this
digital art presence for India. There is power in numbers. I think you
all may reside in different areas of India. Think about a possible
'travelling show' among your provinces.

We could get more help and more of an international flavor for the
exhibit by inviting Ansgard Tompson, a Canadian digital art compatriot.
She may help with coordinating the exhibit as she has experience in this
area. She is also a professional digital and traditional media artist.

The toughest nut to crack to exhibit in is of course, the commercial
gallery and the museums. I think, first, you establish your name through
community exhibit in free public or retail store spaces. Then you
document and photograph this effort, create a proposal to the more
formal spaces, after their interest is captured.

Any exhibit can be also represented online at my webmuseum for
historical documentation in service of the international audience that
my site attracts.

For myself, I am "ready to go" anytime I am invited to exhibit anyplace
in the world. I have over 175 large digital canvas paintings and
serigraphs, woodcuts, posters and now soon IRIS prints. I believe
Ansgard is ready to send works to you too anytime a time and place is
secured for the show.

You already plan to do a series of promotional articles for the medium.
What better way than to do something interactive and local - like an
acutal exhibit, which you document in your articles. A coming together
of digital art from the Internet and from India - that's how this is
borne out afterall. I have found you and India's dearth of digital art
presence through the Web.

Budget is always a consideration on the scope of a project. I am willing
to pay my share along with any other artists that participate in your
managed exhibit.

As for digital art references, check my site's Cyberculture Art Library
of resources,

For my art credentials and exhibit background, I refer you to- I can get theoretical about my digital
art. Incidentally, before turning digital I was a sculptor and painter.

Let me just give you my India student contacts- try and write and check
their progress, determination-
Re: Invitation for Exhibition in Internet Museum
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 06:01:28 PDT
"Girish Menon" <>

i will get back
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 04:26:36 -0700 (PDT)
Yogi Chopra <>

Dear Rodney ,
I am busy right now.....havent done much..i have to
still find out galleries i am planning to get into action after 2 weeks
or more.Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India & considered as
an important city for its software development & is not same as
Bangladesh as it is a separate country.I shall get back to u later.Bye
for now


OK, looking forward to your follow up thoughts, ideas, plan....

Rodney Chang

Thu, 27 May 1999 10:09:45 +0000
Ankur Gupta <>
Proman Associates Pvt. Ltd.
pygoya <>
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Dear Rodney,

Great Idea!!!

Now why didn't I think of it before?

I already have a trust ABCD. For more details visit
This is an acronym for

Action for Banishing Communicable Diseases
as well as
Action for Boosting Creative Dimensions.

Thinking of it, I could very well use it for this purpose. It basically
reduced the legalities which would otherwise consume a year.

Perhaps a division of ABCD or ARTINDIA itself.

Thanks for the idea. Let me work on it and yes I would be very happy to
welcome you as a member. By the way your suggested name India Digital Art
Society could be slightly altered for IDEAS. Perhaps India Digital Art
Encouragement Society?



pygoya wrote:

> A day's passing thought-
> Through the Web I have discovered at least 3 artists of your country
> interested in promoting digital art in India.
> In 1989 I founded "Hawaii Computer Art Society" with an exhibition in
> Honolulu, the first digital art show of Hawaii. To this day we still
> have our monthly meetings.
> Why not you all form "India Digital Art Society" and be pioneers in the
> art field in your nation? If it forms (need loving leadership) I would
> love to join as a paying member if foreign artists are allowed to
> participate.
> Sincerely,
> Dr. Rodney Chang

"IDEAS" - fantastic! You know, I think we are going to work very well

Keep me informed how you meld IDEAS into your other projects. If and
when IDEAS becomes a formal organization I would be most honored to
belong to it! How exciting. The miracle of opportunity of the Internet -
to expand the mind, influence and cultural experiences of our species.

May 26, 1999