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Hello Greg Hoose,

Rodney (Pygoya) writes to me about the renewed interest in digital art exhibition and conference In India (Bombay and Calcutta). I am coordinating things here in Calcutta while Yogi is doing so at Bombay.


We have already got two art galleries willing to put up the show. Now, we need sponsors who will provide funds for visiting artists, exhibition and conference literature to back us. We have been toying with the idea of writing to grants bodies and major corporates in the IT sector for the purpose. We already have a grant proposal ready to be sent and I thought, this would be more effective if all the participating physically signed it including others interested. So the proposal may be sent both my e-mail and the "snail" version.


I am sending you the grant proposal which outlines most of our plans with hopes that it will help us organizing the show in Dec./Jan. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot for your support and enthusiasm!


Regards and Best Wishes,




Shubhojoy Mitra

Digital Gallery: ""


Calcutta: The Oxford Bookstore & Gallery has agreed to host the show and already given us their terms and conditions. Please let me know if you need those details also. About Mumbai, Yogi will be able to provide you with all required information.


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The India Millenium International Digital Art

Subject:To the committee on grant application


Dear Director of Grant Proposal Reviews,


We are a couple of artists from Mumbai(Bombay) and Calcutta, India who have been working with computers to create paintings for the last three years. As you must be surely aware that the digital revolution has touched the lives of many artists worldwide, we would like your help in organizing an exhibition of digital art as a part of our effort to popularize this new and exciting form of creative expression among artists as well as the general public in our country.


Very few people in our country are aware that computers are being used as a major, if not the primary tool by many painters. While it is true that most professional designers rely solely on computer generated artwork for both traditional and electronic media, the majority of our country's talented artists are not aware of the potential of computers and graphic software tools for aesthetic pursuits.


Only a few well-known artists who are already renowned for their distinct fusion of traditional Indian art and the modern reality of the subcontinent have experimented with computer-generated images. But, by and large, the artistically inclined do not think that computers have anything to with painting or sculpture or are simply not aware of the technological advancements which could, to borrow from the popular slogan, unleash their creativity as never before.


Therefore we believe that it will surely be a very rewarding experience to see Indian artists seriously make use of digital tools in the future. For sometime now, we have been in touch with artists from your country, thanks to the Internet, and in our meaningful exchange of ideas and thoughts across the continents, we realized that time is ripe for holding an art exhibition exclusively dedicated to digital art in India. Orginally the idea was proposed by Pygoya (Dr. Rodney Chang) from Hawaii that a Millenium Art Show on digital creations could be a step towards the right direction. Now we have about ___ artists from U.S.A, Canada, Yugoslovakia, ...etc. [ADD AUSTRALIA (TENTATIVE)], TAIWANwho are willing to travel to India to hold the exhibition in December 1999 or January 2000. The proposed exhibition could shift its venue from one city to another after a couple of weeks.


Katy Sabo, director of Maui Giclee fine arts publishing company ( which specializes in high quality Giclee art prints, proposes to hold a session of talks concurrently with the art exhibition on how printing technology can be used by digital artists for printing their work. Along with it, Larry Lovett, MSEd from Columbia University AND HISTORIAN OF DIGITAL ART, New York and the first digital artist from Hawaii wishes to deliver a lecture on "History of Digital Art in America", a subject which will surely be a great eye-opener for our artistic community and art connoiseurs. We feel that these events will be covered by the press as the first of its kind in the country and could be the catalyst for bringing about a change of outlook among people about the use of digital tools, particularly in fields of art education, graphic arts and usage of the latest graphic software and hardware.


So we are writing this joint letter to you in hopes that you would consider sponsoring our project and making it possible for Larry Lovett to travel and deliver the lecture on digital art history. Following are the list of events in which we would greatly appreciate your help:


> Lecture tour and travel costs for visiting artists Larry Lovett, --- others ---(part?).

> Organizing seminar/conference hall for talk on digital art history of USA

> Exhibition space at art gallery (unless gallery owner agrees to bear the costs... this has been taken care of already)

> Printing exhibition catalogues

> Domain for concurrent virtual exhibition


Until now we have not decided on the exhibition's title and are open to suggestions by you. "Millenium Art Show" is one proposal while "The Ist International Digital Art Show of the Millenium" could also be a crowd-puller. If your reputed organization helps us in our endeavour, we would be only too glad to acknowledge your generous gesture by publicizing your establishment's name as the organizers of the event. WE MAY EVEN CONSIDER TITLING THE EVENT "THE (--your company/organization name--) HISTORIC lST DIGITAL ART EXHIBITON OF INDIA".


Thank you for your time spent in reading this letter. WE HOPE YOU CAN ASSIST US TO MAKE INDIAN ART HISTORY THROUGH HIGH TECHNOLOGY.


Yours faithfully,


Mr. Yogesh Chopra (co-ordinator, Mumbai)

[--personal intro--]


Address:[--- please add --]



URL of online gallery:


Mr. Shubhojoy Mitra (co-ordinator, Calcutta)

web-designer and digital artist



E/1, 547, Garia Gardens,

Calcutta 700084

Phone: 91 33 435 8932

URL of online gallery: (Virtual Gallery)


==== Visiting artists ======


Pygoya (Dr. Rodney Chang)

[--personal intro--]





URL of online gallery:


etc. --- etc.





Both Calcutta and Bombay are cities which are vibrant centres of contemporary Indian art and have a history of artistic trends. If New Delhi is the political capital of India, Calcutta has often been called the it's cultural capital. Some of the pioneers of modern Indian art who broke away from western academic discipline to give birth to what is known as the Bengal School of painting in the early part of 19th century were based in the city. In the later years, there has been no lack of creative endeavours here and film-makers like Ritwick Ghatak and Satyajit Ray who need no introduction to art lovers worldwide, hail from this 300 year old metro.


Bombay has a thriving cosmopolitan millieu today and can perhaps be called India's "Manhattan" with most of the top corporate headquarters of the country situated within its limits. There too, artistic activity has thrived over many decades and many of the best contemporary Indian painters like M. F. Hussain prefer to reside there for best part of the year. The city also has a mature commercial market for art where every artist, both young and well-established like to exhibit their work at least once, if not many times during the course of their career.



Pygoya's additions is UPPER CASE.