Sun, 3 Jun 2001 17:01:48 +0200
From: (Siggi)


Hello Pygoya,

It would be great to hear from you before Iīll start into vacation and let me
know what do you think about the new pictures. You will be the first 
for exhibition of most of this artworks.

Thanks for your reply and I hope you receive all well , 
please let me know.

I have a good chance to publish a book in the states, poem sand pictures.

A girlfriend in Denver works for me as "agent".
Here in Germany I have no chance , digital painting is in the 
beginning, netart is for germans no art like a painter with
a brusher, but thatīs not the real reason. They cannot open
his heads for new modern arts with new technologies. We will wait and see.

Have a nice start into the week and let me hear

Aloha and warm regards