Wow. Wake up to a new world. It sure has changed hasn't it? Or shall we say it is evolving at an incredible rapid rate. I just opened my closet door to find an "almost
new" box from a few years ago with it saying: "Fujitsu 230 MEG drive." As we all
know, today we are looking for GIGS not MEGS and even TERREBYTES to give us proper storage we are looking for: LOTS of technology - small size. Project it HUGE.

As a "photographer", or shall I say one who loves "images", I am in desire of anything new that captures a picture. The idea of having video on your phone, sending it anyway
is just mind-boggling. Perhaps the phone replaces all devices. Maybe there will be lenses made for digital phone cams. So much storage on a chip inside, you won't need little tiny
memory cards. In 1989 Nam June Paik wrote in my book, "LAURENCE GARTEL: A CYBERNETIC ROMANCE" that some time in the near future, everything would fit on a credit card. This was inconceivable back then.

MOTION, transmission is the new wave. To be able to send files across the world instantaneously is the rage. No longer is a static image representing something enough information. People will soon desire having the Mona Lisa speak. In the future it will be this way. Art works will talkŠthey will walk, they will feel emotion, and they will emulate and imitate reality - even more so. My exhibition at the Palm Beach Photographic Center in 2001 was titled, "Hyper Real Expressionism" - a precurser name for static images that now holds more meaning than it did just a few years ago.
The wave of a "second reality", now called virtual, is on the way. We can feel the ramifications of this now by simply typing emails to the same person whom you have a relationship with on the "outside." It's all there. "Tron" in 1980 was far the pioneer movie about such things. It is almost reality today.

My work represents creative executions of technology. Cleverly put together as an interwoven pattern. A network of sorts, of ideas: Creative horizons never gone to and explored. In other languages it would be considered "risk" and "challenging." Along the way, after decades, it has become a personal language. Distinctive like Gaudi's architecture in Spain. It is recognizable. It is an insignia, which acts as a bellwether for others to behold and follow. But all the art is indeed part of the continuum of art. My prediction of motion is another great advancement. What happens from here on out could transform into new modalities such as "narcissism," and "self-worship." To be so interested in what you do, where you go, whom you speak to, and recording everything about your life. A complete journalistic record of a life from early childhood till death.

What's presented to children, will determine how far the technology goes. Certainly it will go beyond exploding buildings and killing humans.

It is truly interesting to be at the beginning of all of this, and predict the next 100 years.
Maybe they will invent something whereby you can continue to communicate with me from the "beyond" - a forever "virtual" life.

In the meanwhile, be entertained and stimulated by my recently completed DVD fusing my digital art to trance music. http://www.gartelraveparty.com

Laurence GARTEL
JULY 26, 2004