If we were to abandon arts' "less is more" doctrine and replace it with complexity, uncharted territory would come into view. Complexity as a new direction would take art, science and

technology to a higher state where anything is possible. In this direction art need not abandon its long standing tradition to achieve something new. Painting, for example, can still look like

a painting; and yet be endowed with a greater potential. One way to achieve this would be to establish a new medium based on chemistry and the electro-magnetic continuum. Painting

in such a system would be capable of change and transformation; and the photographic documentation of that transition would create descendant works of art. Complexity seems to be at the heart of all we hold sacred. Art that follows this direction will one day lead to life, a micro universe, and total sensory work of art. For more information on this subject visit my Web site at www.warunek.com .