From Ingrid Kamerbeek, May 28, 2002


Epson Printers, Vienna Prining Seminar


A good place for this event with a nice atmosphere. Typically
Vienna. The event was organized by Mr. Fiedler – my Giclèe
Printer, Hahnemühle – paper manufacturer from Düsseldorf,
Epson Europe – also situated in Düsseldorf. Epson introduced the
new printers EPSON STYLUS PRO 7600/9600 and 10000/CF –
prices from 9,000 Euro onwards – ouch! But of course Epson
2000 for 999 $ is ok for the "normal" cyber resp. digital artist.
Mr. Fiedler guessed Giclèe Prints might disappear in the course
of next 10 to 20 years cause every artist will buy an Epson
printer and do his own printmaking.
Technical side alone was so
time consuming and I must say really interesting. Never
guessed it could be so exciting! The experts did a good job and
the technical side was absolutely not boring. There was an
independent professor from an Austrian institute so EPSON and
Hahnemühle could not make a sales and promotion show out of
this event. 

There was Mr. Henry Wilhelm from Wilhelm Imaging Research,
Inc. Grinnell, Iowa who spoke about print permanence and the
fine art market as well as about new printers, inks, and papers.
This was in English and it was a real challenge to understand
him cause he spoke that kind of American English one really has
to concentrate on to get it. We call this type her
"Knödel-English". It sounds monotone. Didn’t get it all but got
what he wanted to bring over. It was interesting but I didn’t like
how he ended his lecture. He showed photos of September 11,
2001 to tell us how wonderful it is that on EPSON papers one can
see this photos still in 100 years from now as a time document!





Mr. Barfield was a real highlight! He is an
artist in his 30s and Senior Lecturer at Wimbledon School of Art,
London. Taught at Royal College, Slade School of Art and
Camberwell College of Arts. His lecture was totally interesting
and quite amazing. He has the same ideas we have. After his
lecture I got up, shook his hand and thanked him for his great
lecture.   I told him about our project and ideas and
about our goal of global consciousness and he loved it cause he
has the same goals and works on a similarly basis. And guess –
he knows you!!! And he works with VRML!!! And he works with
artists worldwide via the net just the way we do!!!! We will stay
in contact and exchange ideas and may be will have a
cooperation. London would be a very good thing. What do you
think? He has published a book about digital printmaking
together with a programer. He told me that there are many
students who write their own programs to achieve their special
art goals in their images. It was very interesting to learn that
English art students nowadays are all familiar with homepage
making and photoshop when they start as students. So he can
go straight forward into the theme and doesn’t need to explain
anything technical first. That was asthonishing to hear. He made
it clear that nearly all students have their own printers. The
English government would give a lot of financial help. And what
made me wonder most of all was when he told nearly all English
galleries would accept and exhibit cyber art and digital art!!!

Couldn’t believe that. Colville gallery, London, tells on its
website it would be the only London gallery handling cyber and
digital art!??!!

Will try to find more English cyber artists on the web.

There was another very interesting lecturer: Dr. Herbert W.
Franke. And believe it or not he spoke German. He was born in
Vienna and now lives in Munich. He is also a pioneer in
computer art too!!!!! And he is such a warm and friendly artist!!!
This poor guy couldn’t held his speech cause there was a broken
cable and although they bought a new one it simply didn’t work!
He wanted to show a combination of Dias, Video and images.
He was a little bit frustrated. So I introduced myself took a seat
next to him and we talked for quite some time. He was happy
to exchange thoughts with me. He said this is the only reason to
go to such an event: to meet people and exchange thoughts.
Such an interesting guy. 73 years old and not a little bit tired!
He gave me his web address and we will stay in contact. Have a
look under the following link. It is in English.