Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 08:11:21 -1000
From: Pygoya <>
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Subject: Pygoya's Review of ART/LIFE Show
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Dear Frank,

You are one of the masters of digital art of our time! Congratulations
on the achievement of this level for the medium. Your writing too is
splendid and totally cerebral!

I especailly felt the visceral sensations from you wonderful and varied
textural controls. Of course I totally appreciated the only-Gillette
treatment of borders between paradoxical thematic material within a

Just marvelous!

Tech questions- the gallery/bench in which your images are exhibited, is
this an image map from an actual gallery room or a 3D simulated exhibit

Are the images large printouts? How about those exhibited at Syracuse?
Large giclees? How do you market your work? New York City a successful
place for digital artists to earn a living? Thinking of attempting a
gallery thing there through local contact.

If you are interested to share you great works with my virtual museum's
audience you are very welcomed to do so. I could schedule your work into
a solo for 2000. In the meantime I would love to 'induct' a piece into
the Rave Webmuseum's "permanent online collection" at

I hope we can do something together sometime. Trying for an
internatinal show in Milan for 2000, similiar in approach as this year's
India effort. Works all small, downloaded, all print and framing costs
picked up by me the sponsor, collection left behind after the show for
future shows by local digital artist colleague. Will try to replicate
this affordable approach to parachuting anywhere on the planet with "Web
based art".

Eventually, want to invest in a NYC gallery only for digital artist. A
coop thing. Ever been done there yet? I know they have the Computer
Museum. Imagine a gallery with Star Treky interior design, dashboards
of monitors to Web based art, order print system, sample giclees framed
on the walls.... worldwide database of only the best digital artists.
Include my own work of course!

What is the url to your Syracuse museum show?

I am thankful to have become acquainted with your work (via Ansgard
Thomson). It expands my digital visual world.

Pygoya (Rodney Chang)
Truly Virtual Web Art Museum