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Paris, France



Subject: Nice site
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 07:41:56 +0200
From: mr.teg <>
To: <>


You're site is pretty nice, I'm downloading vrml player for mac to show
the vrml things.

In fact, I'm mailing you because I need your help: could you please go to
add me on the digital art web ring. My site is in the queue and I need a
member to add me.
My site is called YoghurtMaker and is a computer artists community, with
thematic gallery, links (I may add your), list of members with free
homepages, library (with

I also would be proud to get you as members and that you'll make some
vrml for the thematic gallery : I want to get a lot off different point
of you from all over the world and with a lot of tools to illustrate the

Hope to see you soon on my site!

YoghurtMaker - computer art community