Fewer Cyberartists
Mon, 27 May 2002 15:08:09 -0600
"Ansgard Thomson" <>

Hi Rodney
Ingrid's statement might be right from her perspective what a cyberartist
consists off.We do not have fewer "Cyberartists" we have more .
The only thing that has changed for us computer artist" pioneers" is the
fact that education
has created a shift from the self directed artist ,who was independent
in his or her search of exploring digital presentations in images with
tools on hand
without scanning or using any images produced by other traditional
that we are no longer part of the new generation of Cyberartists that are
showing up
all over the place trying to find jobs in Cyberspace.
More and more artist use the computer and mix anything and everything
in a form of integration the traditional with the computer works .
The new Cyberartists does not even care what we did 10 years ago .
It is true the old timers are always the same and we know them and their
style ,
but Cyberart is on the loose so to speak and constantly changing .
Trust this of interest to you .