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Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 04:09:03 +0100
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International' Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Both Sites more than welcome!
Will get you online today an' would like to also to set the mystery link to
at some point over first few days of the Event!

We are receiving a request to join the Internet Festival every 15 minutes
....So Please forgive this less than personal message ( no time to answer
each of your messages just now ).

This event now looks like being the biggest Internet Arts Event in Scotland
For those that requested information please see below this message.

We will get back to each of you in person and we aim to have all those who
contact us before 10pm tonight ( g.m.t. ), online for the start of the
Festival tomorrow
( after upload Monday )

To Save Time could you please send us a button to provide the link to your
( 200x150 pixels max) and the url of the page you wish the link set to.
A word or to about yourselves and your location for use on the contents
pages would also be appreciated.

The url to set your link to us is....
That way visitors will not have to pass through our Homepage each time they
visit the festival contents pages.
I will included festival link images on website tonight midnight g.m.t
( see homepage for page location ), please just lift them and paste on to
I will contact you again when you link is added

Thank you all for your interest in this new dimension to the Festival!
We are delighted to have so many of you join us and look forward
to working with you all!
Paul Steele
Festival Director


( In a Nutshell ) participation involves a simple message on your homepage
stating that you are taking part and a return link back to the' that is about it really *...other than to try and generate as
much local free publicity for both your own Site and your participation in
the Event as possible, we will also try to provide you with as much
publicity from this end as we can!

*That is unless you wish to set aside a few pages and host a special
Festival Showcase/Exhibition...which we only suggest in case you wish to
save and use said Showcase/Exhibition for your own promotional purposes
after the event...having removed the link to our site of course!

Festival: general information
We launch our Special Festival Edition of the Gallery a week before the
Festival Starts in August.
A link on our Contents Page will lead to the Festival Section MainPage.
This will consist of links to individual Artists / Participants pages
hosted on
our Webspace. ), alongside links to those Artists / Participants who wish,
and have the time and space, to host their own WebPages.

If this is the case we make the following conditions.
1) No Unlawful or Offensive Content will be tolerated.
2) We ask that a return link is included to the Festival Section.
3)The link will be used for Festival related events (such as exhibitions,
Displays of work, performance, etc.. ) and not just advertising nor
Site-listing. ( At least a 'Greetings to festival visitors!' )...will be
4)We are offering our services Free and while participants are welcome to
sell products and services from featured Sites / pages, we will allow no
re-selling of our services in any form. In that sites that feature Artists /
can not charge the Artists / Performers for their use of our services.

The concept of the Edinburgh International Festival is to bring together the
Global Community in a celebration of each others Art & Culture! Each year we
are visited by performers from across the entire world!
As our Gallery is based in Edinburgh and will act as an anchor for websites
across the world, we feel that those who participate via the net have as
important a part to play as those who appear in person ( or in the case of
the Film Festival..on screen!)
At your service

Greetings fae auld reekie!

Well Folk's not long to go now...and things are really taking off!!
By the Time the Event starts there may be enough participants to make this
the largest ever Internet Art's Gathering in Scotland!
( could those who have not yet confirmed their participation..please do so
as soon as you are able..Thank you )

Our Homepage will, during the event, be cleared of all current content/music
and will feature only;
A reduced size Celtica Logo.
Welcome message.
Simplified links to the Gallery for both I.E 4 & Netscape users.
a full size Internet Festival Logo.
Direct Link to Internet Festival Contents Page.
Hit counter
Sponsor's ad ( should a sponsor come on board ).
...The reason being that we are aiming to provide as quick a download time
as possible for the Festival Section.

Could you please provide/alter your return link to...
( Festival Contents)
This will allow visitors to go to and from the Festival without having to
repeatedly pass through our Homepage.

Should you also wish us to provide a short taster style page in our own
Festival Website Review Section, please send us the information you wish
We were thinking of the Following layout for such pages.
Our Standard Fest' page layout.
Two or three short paragraphs
of text.
Full contact details.
website link.
We have asked Cari Buziak of
Aon Celtic Art & Illumination
To place her wonderful example of a individual Artist's Festival Exhibition
online early ( online now), so as to give people a idea of what can be done.
Cari Artwork is of the finest quality and her Exhibition is just what we
have in mind!

As the Event is getting so large we are seeking volunteers to act as a team
of Festival Agents and to operate under the title:
....The Yourname/Galleryname, The Area/State/Region Promotional Site for the
First Edinburgh International Internet Festival.
The duties of each area co-ordinator would be to pass on and promote the
event to their particular set of contacts in cyberspace. Each gallery and
group can co-ordinate their contacts, then submit those URLs in an organised
( This would greatly simplify the admin side of the operation. )

We already have several Websites ( details below * ), who have devoted their
Time, Energy and Resources to promotion and development...Thank you one and
all! ( ) has launched a major push in the USA
acting as the First US Promotional Site for the Internet Festival and we are
already starting to get results!

We would also like to thank Alenka of PAG ( )
for taking Time from her busy schedule to design The logo for this year's
...Thank you is everything we hoped for!
Use of a Logo ( included below ) is not mandatory, but will provide a
overall sense of unity...You could always design your own version ( which we
would love to see! ).

In other News...
We are looking to find a local sponsor to provide loan/donation of
( Webcam..Digicam..CD-RD Drive..Software...Extra Computer(s) ..Software)
In fact Anything that might improve the Event!
They will have to realise that while we will provide ( in return )
Advertising Space on our Homepage and our own festival review pages we will
not allow advertising on the Internet Festival Link Pages.
( would a "equipment sponsored by..Co-name" message there...count as
advertising?) The reason for the webcam etc is to provide live webcast
broadcasting involving Festival Performers....we have spoken to many and the
interest is huge!

We suggest that Those wishing to organise their own ( regional, collage,
more than one site, etc ) project, Should do so ( using the our conditions
for own hosting as their own, offensive content ) then provide us
and their State/Area Promoter with the links.( we need to call for volunteer
monitors for checking )
Those involved could then operate under the Title...The (name of
organisation) and the Edinburgh Celtica Gallery Present....
What do you think?

* would...

Alenka of PAG
( Designer of the Internet Event Logo )

Cari Buziak
Aon Celtic Art & Illumination

Forrest an' all at Zentao,
( US Promotional Site for the Festival )

Gallery Opus

...Please step up and take a bow
For both the Spirit an' Enthusiasm they have shown since first contact!

At your service
Paul Steele.
The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.
Tele: 0131 623 0275.
Or write to:
The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.
PO Box 17106
EH11 2WD
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Subject: Application to join the Festival

> Dear Festival Organizers,
> I submit my art web site for review for the festival-
> or if you prefer, the specific multimedia show by 2 artists, myself
> (Pygoya, USA) and Gardiana (Taiwan)-
> Please confirm whether either submitted entry url has been officially
> accepted for
> 'International' Edinburgh Fringe Festival!
> Pygoya, Web artist, biographical references-
> The artist's defining of an online "Cyberart" -



Subject: Edinburgh International Internet Festival..Thank You!

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 06:32:57 +0100

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( To make this the last mass mailing..could you please join onsite mailing list..

If you should not have received this message please let me know and I will amend the current list )



I am writing to thank you for all your help and assistance in the founding of the first ever Edinburgh International Internet Festival. Considering the horrendously short time involved, the level of participation was utterly astounding.

The Festival will remain online as a 'Showpiece' till at least October in order to attract publicity/sponsorship for next year's Event, however you can (of course) remove you links to us as of now.


We now have a choice to make.

We can end the Festival now..and in a few months start planning for next year's Event.

...or we can build on the 120+ Art's Sites already involved and go for a Millennium Internet Arts Project!

( 2000 is also the International year of the Artist ).


I had planned to host an affair along the lines of the Festival but featuring

mostly Scottish/Celtic Artists with a few of the 'auld alliance ( France ), in order

to celebrate the Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh this New Year. I'm inviting everyone from the Festival to join in.

I will be setting up a Page announcing the new event at the start of next week and

will also list this page in as many search engines as possible at the same time,

as this will become the Hogmanay Festival contents page.


I would like to invite you all to a meeting on the Festival Notice board to discuss both the future of the Edinburgh International Internet Festival and also the proposed Millennium Project.


The board will be open for a general meeting from the 6th-13th September and all involved in the Festival are invited to join in the discussion.


The Number of hits we received over the Festival was lower then I hoped

The total number of visitors by midnight on the 1st September was 4054.

yet this is 300% higher than some of the other ( new ) Festival websites managed

despite better listings in the search engines. With a year to plan and promote the Second Event I am confident that we will make a much larger impression.


Despite the fact that the Festival press chose to ignore us ( which is apparently an ancient Festival tradition for 'First Time Events' ), we have received a lot of interest from those involved in the Festival I have been told that our progress has been closely watched and admired.


Richard Demarco of the European Art Foundation

( and Festival Patron for many Years ), praised the Internet Festival in the highest possible terms and described the project as an outstanding achievement!


At your service

Paul Steele.

The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

Tele: 0131 623 0275.

Or write to:

The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

PO Box 17106



EH11 2WD