The Evolution of Digital Art


India has been the center of Art and culture since time immemorial. Man’s
creativity has been evolving and taking different shapes as he started honing
his skills. At every stage of his life, he has been using different tools and
techniques to unleash his creativity. Besides the artworks themselves, even
the tools and techniques give an idea of the lifestyles in those times.

Sculpting, easily among the earliest forms of art, involved giving shape to
stone. Carvings on wood and stone were an integral part of the creative
expression in the Stone Age and still an important artform today. These
ancient artforms then gave way to newer ones like painting on walls with
natural pigments and then on cloth and other media. Thus art has
undergone a total metamorphosis and has evolved over the years. Each era
has seen the evolution of a new artform and we now being in the Silicon
Swami Age are experiencing what is called Computer Art or Digital Art.

Huge strides in technology have paved the way for a whole new artform. In
the conventional form, creativity manifests itself through the paint and the
brush while today, in this age of technological revolution, it happens through
the mouse and other tools and software. That’s what Digital Art is all about.
The creative mind is the same, only the means are different.

Digital Art has some wonderful prospects- creating a fusion, for one. A fusion
of creativity and technology- 16 million colours to choose from. One can’t
fathom what variety and scope computers give the artists. Using a computer
to create art gives one the flexibility to undo any mistake that is very possible
by the human hand. Ask how valuable this feature would be to all those
artists who probably spent so many hours and materials to paint on, only to
discover that there is a mistake and all their effort is in vain!

Creativity knows no bounds and there could be no better way of expressing it
than through Digital Art- the art of the millennium.

-Preeti Gopalkrishnan