Feedback - Business Proposition in India

Fri, 3 Jan 2003 07:49:49 +0000 (GMT)
Monojit Debnath <>


Dear Rodney,

This has reference to my earlier mail regarding
"business proposition in India".In this respect I have
had a intial round of talks with the North East Cable
Operators.I have given them an overview of the theme
and the operations of our site through a simple
brochure which I had made,and had shown to Aditi.

They are sceptical as of now,as the very concept is
very new in totality in India.But they have committed
me that they will take up the issue with the higher
authorities and give me a feedback.
In fact the entire Cable Fraternity of India is going
to meet in Calcutta from 4th to 6th Jan'03 at Netaji
Indoor Stadium.I will be meeting them again there.

Actually as far my percection serves me correctly,the
moment common people will be able to access internet
through cable television which is one my dream project
and is also in the pipeline in a few months,it will be
easier for us to sell our site in India.

Anyway,I am optimistic and hope something positive
will come out.