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Dear Pygoya:

Thanks so much for sharing so much with me. It's a privilege.

I feel very closely with your sense for putting down history in an
form ~ that's why The IDEA is a series of CD-gazettes, not magazines. I
obviously chosen a different route from you however, as I do not have too
much faith in the immutability and unchangeability of information on the
internet. For example, who will continue to pay the server-charges,.. and
what about hackers, and technology changes over time? One part of that
of faith also ~perhaps unfortunately~ is to do with technologies like VRML
in the context of The IDEA. We have consciously preferred to use very-very
plain and simple HTML so that the entire material is in a form which 'any'
computer can be used to run or even deconstuct the whole into its
parts (text, images, audio, video, etc.) by anyone who needs to do so
or into the future. Your friends in Calcutta certainly have a basis for
their recommendation, since even I have not downloaded VRML-playback
software on either of my computers. Why? Well, partly due to speed issues
and partly because I don't like to load any new software unless I NEED it,
but more to do with my just not feeling the need for the 3D internet
until it gets much-much better.

Do not please take that as a comment of your own perspective or
and do think to send me a copy of your entire website on a CD by mail, so
can archive it and also share parts of it with e-artists around the world
the upcoming and future issues of The IDEA. (yes ~ I've grown used to
"e-artist" and "cyberist" is new to me)

Thanks for the clarification on Yogi's part in the Calcutta exhibition. I
must immediately check on how it comes across in our old feature on him.
update you, he did in fact go on to do the "2nd India International
Art Exhibition" in Bombay/Mumbai in 2000.

I still don't have your address to send you the CDs!!

Keep well,.. Shankar

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> Dear
> Thanks again for interest in my life's work as artist turned digital.
> Yes, it was wonderful, almost a luxury, to take off for a brief episode
> of painting in the country withr real paint, real canvas, real friend.
> But it cannot beat digital creation, the versatility is just
> overwhelming compared to tradition means of self expression. There, I
> have displayed to you (which you are free to quote and publish) my
> preference, my 'center' as working artist. Note that I have passed
> through life stations of working in paint, photography, ceramics, bronze
> sculpture, mixed media and art installation and performance (dancing).
> I am very curious to later when you are complete with a presentation for
> CD on my work, which parts of my journal,
>, was selected.
> The historic India exhibit archival documentation is at- (enjoy!- and
> feel free to use any part of it - if not intact, as it IS a historic
> international show for India, if not for sure "CALCUTTA" - I am still
> part of old world generation;) )-
> I could just email you the 2 vrml museum files for your CD. It captures
> my life's work, now 16 years, as digital artist.
> For free browser, you must provide link to
> It's cool - downloads and automatically configures one's computer to
> play files. Prepared choice is Internet Explorer, not Netscape for
> better visuals.
> Per your question: Yogi was discovered by me on the Web and invited into
> the show to represent Mumbai. He traveled to Calcutta to take in the
> opening festivities at Oxford Gallery. At this time he told me he
> wanted to do the "2nd India International Digital Art Exhibition" the
> following year (my show was Dec. 1999). For the "lst" he was not an
> organizer, just an invited artist into the show. Hope this clarification
> helps get Indian digital ART HISTORY correct. I hate mistakes in
> published history and am a bit of a fanatic for correction in this arena
> of history. That's one reason I bother to do my
> in order that after my death
> the original thoughts of the cyberartist are available and my work won't
> be open to theorizing and guessing about just what my work was about. I
> believe in taking charge of my own art historical destiny, unlike other
> artists, like Van Gogh and Picasso, who relied too much on
> critics/historians interpretation of just what they accomplished. For
> me, hopefully your CD will conlcude that my art goes beyond the
> pictorial "frame" as I try to be truly multimedia with a diverse range
> of aesthetically and creatively controlled works and situations. For
> example, mention please my world reknown disco-dental clinic environment
> (TV:national US, Europe, Australia, Japan), and now my
> and 'alternative' or "supplmentary" to actual cemetery
> burial and memorial. The art experience is to venture into new
> territory via the internet, and be able to memorialize, remember, pay
> tribute, love, cry again, or worship one's beloved deceased. It's an
> extension of bowing or kneeling at a grave and placing flowers. Now, as
> with any other Internet resource web site, visualization for
> actualization of the mind to pay homage to the deceased will be
> available, within a professional and dignified manner. Yes probably
> other such sites are available. I don't Search and Surf these as I
> don't want to be tainted with other's ideas, visualization and concepts.
> I stay isolated. It has taken too long, over 2 years, as I have been
> abused, cheated, lost of time and thousands$, by the first on the
> project, initiated during my trip to Calcutta. Now a new team, and a bit
> of loss monies again, but I perservere. I do not want to give any
> identities and addresses at this time as you may discern from above
> comments. BUT what I am pretty sure about is that nobody from the Death
> & Dying industry has come up with the most imaginative (Conceptual Art
> realm) element of MY - actual for sale 3D virtual burial
> plots. If anything, others probably have standard memorial pages with
> picture of person and text info. Standard html stuff. I am using state
> of the art vrml software with custom work by company programmers.
> Copyrighted.
> I now have the "renovated" vrml museums completed (used '97 program for
> 1997 Truly Virtual Web Art Museum vrml files section of
> done. Next is the 3d cemetery. So what's after that? You realize as an
> artist I am also disclosing my "business plan/model" but it's Ok at this
> point of my progress and projected dates of going online and "into
> business." (My Indian associates tell me to stay quiet).
> NEXT will be building (by me) a virtual city, that will include the
> museums and the cemetery. Hey, where else but in cyberspace can you
> build FIRST the cemetery and then later the town? I hope to build a
> community of homes with interactivity to each other and within their 3d
> house domain on the web. A true web address! I have the special
> software to accomplish all this but must first read the manual which I
> have no time for yet as I am still stuck digging the vrml cemetery.
> Gravedigger assignment now as a cyberartist. The Indians refused to do
> this part of eobituary as they didn't know how, totally wanted to go
> with FLASH animation ('vrml' is too slow and not practical for the Web)
> - so I"M DOING IT MYSELF" (one's artistic vision cannot be denied by the
> true artist, practical or impractical, yes?), and thought it
> blasphemous.
> Besides the notorious dance-dental clinic,
> the virtual 3D cemetery art project (plots for sale, artists have to
> derive income from their works too!), please mention my third ongoing
> now for 40 years weekly-
> disco dance performance by myself - I become every Saturday night in
> Waikiki, a performing dance object, programmed to react to music over 40
> years, triggered by whatever music the hired club DJ plays. It's
> wonderful to BE the ART, very interactive for the audience and the
> artist's soul.
> I will work on the 10-15 images for you and email them in a week.
> Please answer anything that confuses and need further explanation. Your
> CD is a wonderful way to capture the major essence of my efforts as
> mutlimedia artist soon to be hitting 60.
> Warm Regards,
> Pygoya