Dear fellow artists,

Some important update-

1. Please congratulate the hardworking (see how much they have already done!-
artists, INGRID KAMERBEEK and KARIN KUHLMANN, as our EHHC recognized "Coordinators" of the EHCC internationa traveling exhibition. These dedicated women have agreed to sacrifice personal and creative time on behalf of EHCC and all of us to coordinate all efforts by the group to make the 2002 printout exhibits truly historic and significant as a cyberart/digital historic event. Please do what you can to assist them in achieving success for us all. I shall, along with EHCC Chairperson, Dr. Sudha Achar, serve as advisors and resources persons for Ingrid and Karin. Please email them, their address are on- and thank them personally for working for YOU.

2. I propose to change the title of the show from "EHCC 2002 International Cyberart Exhibition" to "EHCC Cyberart World Tour 2002" "World Tour" has a broader event connotation and can attract a wider audience, including those not specifically interested only in art. I leave it to our Coordinators to decide.

3. Karin has volunteered to design a poster that will include all the show countries and cities. She will write to all of you about more of this later. One possibility is to make it downloadable, whereby you can replace the featured art piece with the image that represents you in the show, then printout enough to distribute in your area and at the opening. Possible sell to earn income to pay expenses. Karin is working on the production and promotional concepts.

4. Please read a submitted update to EHCC's next newsletter, requested from me by their editor.

5. No promises, but I may try to get a Manhattan, NYC show site for us for July. To assist Ingrid and Karin in their efforts to get full support from all of you, I may limit the show to only those artists who secured show sites for the poster. We need to give special thanks and reward for the "doers" among us.

6. I am thinking of writing a letter to the wife of the Governor of Hawaii, the 50th state of the United States. She was the office manager of my dental clinic back in 1984! I will ask her about the chances for funding through a grant to establish America's second museum dedicated only to digital art. I would relish the opportunity to be on the committee that selects and installs the permanent collection.

Thank you again for your assistance and most of all for your talented work that is making this an exceptional and highly visible exhibition globally.

By the way my site may be unacessible for 48 hours sometime this week as I change servers so don't worry.