Fri, 13 Jul 2001 17:14:48 -1000


"sudha achar" <>




Aloha Pygoya,

I am sorry for the delay in writing you this note. I was

waiting for a phone call to confirm that the same gallery space you are in

now, will be available in September 2002.Is that a good time for us to

consider having an International Computer generated Art Exhibit and will

this work with your schedule? Please let me know.

It was a pleasure to host you and to see your work.I am amazed

at what you can do with pixels! Your exhibit is quite popular with the


It has been a very busy week, King Lear opened,George Winston

gave us a benefit concert and the big Slack Key Guitar Festival is this

weekend!I am still holding up! In between I am glimpsing at the art book you

gave me,I would like to thank your wife and you very much for it.

Best wishes,