It is Ingrid from Bavaria/Germany - Vampires are not too far from here...

Sun, 30 Dec 2001 13:42:32 +0100
From: (IuTKamerbeek)

Dear Py-George,

Thank you for your e-mails. Yes, a lot of us are already working together and 
this little planet is already linked with wonderful cyberlights!

I've introduced our Hilo exhibition in our local gallery and some photos were 
taken. With these photos I'm going to inform the local press. I'll send you the 
articles later on (hopefully). 

We had very positive reactions and something is going on in this little town 
(25.000 inhabitants - but it is not far from Munich). You can smell the fresh 
wind and even the local art teacher who didn't want to see cyberart is slowly 
changing his mind... you see - your energy works even here in Bavaria!

You can view the photos if you look up my frontpage. But herewith I give you the 
direct link - have a look:

Karin Kuhlmann and I are working together very hard to become a greater audience 
for this wonderful project. She has already written a letter to you. We noticed 
that you have already been in Guetersloh in Germany 1990 for a solo exhibition.

We are going to inform the great well-known overregional press here in Germany 
and even trying to get an article in the official government paper "Blickpunkt 
Bundestag". However, of course we do not yet know if this all will work, but we 
keep on trying..."baby you can light my fire"...

The very best of course would be to see you here with us. 

I've already sent the exhibit information to these popular Internet addresses 
and they published it (more will follow):

and at: - right upper side on the frontpage!!


and - see "Termine" and on the starting page right hand side

All the best for you - Ingrid