Dear Dr. Chang,
I cannot say how flattered I feel. You know how its is: an artist always
works alone and to find a few people who like his/her work is simply
I had an exhibition of Fractal Art (printed, of course) last year here in
Kingston, Jamaica, and it went very well: had a lovely response from
artists, graphic artists as well as from "ordinary" people who simply look
and say "I like that" (which is perhaps the most important thing for an
artist - the quick reaction of people who do not analyse a piece of art
except by their immediate feelings). I am planning another exhibition for
March/April with new works. Some of them are very heavily postprocessed
fractals, some are completely handpainted, some are hadpainted with
occasional fractal images.
Of course, I should like a solo international presentation. Thanks for the
Could you, please send me the address of your site?

P.S. In one of your message you asked me how things are in "wonderful"
Jamaica. They are as bad as anywhere else in the world, but perhaps better
in many ways. Also, I do not know whether you know Jamaica at all: it is as
wonderful as one wants it to be and not as wonderful either - depends from
what perspective one looks.
And, before you ask me, my Doctorate is in Latin American Literature. Also,
I am Italian by origin, which may account for my deep interest in the visual



I must have lived on Mars for a very long time, as only now I realized
that Dr. Rodney Chang and the "legendary" Pygoya are the same
person!!!!! It must be because I rarely read about the artist himself
and tend to look at the work. Cannot believe it: I have admired your
work for such a long time...I find it in fact a source of inspiration in
those days when the "Muse" seems to have abandoned me. And to think that
you have liked some of my work is not only something quite difficult for
me to fully take in, but also something which I feel so very honoured
and intimidated by. I feel now even a greater responsibility towards my work.

Dr. Fernanda Steele, Jamaica, December 2001



Perhaps from your Statement in Digital Imagery from Generations of
Electronic Tools: it could be a statement I would make, minus of course
the knowledge you have. In other words, your summary coincides exactly
with mine. It is subjective, of course, but then what is not? And,
furthermore, can one really establish aesthetic cannons? It also implies
critical sense (which is for most part acquired) critical sensitivity
(which I feel is partly acquired and partly not, but the part which is
not is very difficult to release and requires first a release from
shackles into the freedom of seeing and perceiving) and finally also a
developed discipline to be able to discard what is not satisfying maybe
after hours if not days of work.


The thought also of putting Jamaica, and I would say the Caribbean, on the map of what I consider to be the Art of the Age on
such a site as Pygoya's site (the legend still lives on..) somehow fills me with joy.