Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 11:42:35 +1000

Hi Pygoya

Received your e-mail this a.m., and went right to your disco page
Wow, this gets better and better, I feel like Alice in Cyberland !!!
I love that page, and the music and the pic of you, it's ssssssoooooo

Yes, I believe that you are 20 hours behind us here
so you would have been at work while I was wearing out my shoes on the floor
last night.

Did you not say that you are in Hawaii?
My vision is shattered ... volcanic mountains, hibiscus, sand, sea, surf,
hula, 5.0, Elvis ...
I must send you a pic of where I live. In case you think we have kangaroos
in the top paddock

Rodney, I am just so pleased that you feel that I can contribute in some way
to the site
I look forward to seeing the aliens in the gallery
and please accept my most sincere thank you
for your encouragement that has inspired and re-fuelled my enthusiasm
Its great to have a direction again

I'll start work tomorrow, think I actually began it in my sleep, after the
The blueprint is there, I feel it.
bye for now
stargazer 101