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Over the years, I've received a lot of requests for portfolio help. I've
put a number of articles into the newsletter and on the website, and
while these have been well-received, people write and ask me: Can you
tell me more?

Yes, there's more, and I've finally written a complete online course:
Creating Your Art Portfolio.

Why do you need a portfolio? There are probably as many reasons as there
are artists: Students need portfolios for art school or college art
department admission. Recent graduates need portfolios for job
interviews. Freelancers need portfolios to win assignments. Fine artists
need portfolios to show to gallery owners. Hobbyists need portfolios to
keep track of their projects. Every artist, designer, artisan,
photographer or crafter needs a portfolio (or two - or more!) to
organize, archive and safeguard his or her work. There are so many
choices in portfolio formats today: traditional cases, slides, CD-ROMs,
DVDs, and websites. We'll cover each of these, and help you figure out
which one - or which combination - works best for you. It's also vital
to understand editing, pacing, photographing and mounting your work. A
simple change of background can make a world of difference in how your
work is viewed! Whether your purpose is academic, professional or
personal, Creating Your Art Portfolio will show you how to present your
work at its very best.

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