This is partially nice but old stuff: 2001. And nothing new moreover. And if you go deeper it's more depressing than uplifting. And broken links all over and you would have to register to read the articles.
Bad thing is we don't know how to get into the scene. It's an inner circle as it is in any other art direction. That's our main problem I fear. Met with some of those folks in May 2002: Marilyn Kushner, Naren Barfield and some others who never reacted.
Saw yesterday's Webism News? Darin is trying to get us into a Museum which already now shows cyberart.

What I noticed surfing around: there are quite a lot cyberartists who obviously make a good living from their cyberart working free and for companies. This type rarely seems to join groups and never tell about digital medium as something special. It's just one of lots of ways to create. One of those is with our group: Sylvie Robert from Miami Beach. She sells her art via architects and interior designers similar to Alex Alexander but successfully.

Looking for galleries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland now. Not easy to find out. And so difficult to get them interested. Think many of them will work the way like your "Soul Lenz". Very bad. Money from the artist to pay their rent. And high percentage.

Ingrid K.